It is difficult to spend the summer season in the hotter parts of the United States without an air conditioner. However, air conditioners are also prone to breaking down. This is in line with other devices and equipment in the house and office. When an air conditioner is not doing its sole job, it is time for immediate air conditioning service repair.

Common reasons why your air conditioner is not cooling

There are many reasons why your air conditioner might not do cooling properly. One of the most common reasons is a lack of maintenance. Generally, air conditioners must receive servicing at the start of every season. However, some home and business owners are careless. Due to this their air conditioner does not work efficiently.

Let us look at some of the most common reasons why your air conditioner might not be cooling properly. These include:

Something is wrong with the thermostat

If your air conditioner is not working properly, you should first check the thermostat. Make sure that it is set to the “ON” state. Furthermore, the temperature should be low enough, otherwise, your air conditioner will trip more often. While sometimes the problem is with the mere settings, it often runs deep down.

Any problem with the thermostat’s wiring will also prevent it from working properly. Hence, your air conditioner will fail to reach your set temperature. If your air conditioner is still malfunctioning after you reset the thermostat, call an air conditioning repair professional.

The air filters have a blockage

If your air conditioner is turning on and the thermostat also seems to be functioning, check the filters. It is very common for the air filters in ACs to become clogged. This typically happens due to a lack of maintenance over an entire season. So, if you go without maintenance for a few months, you can expect this problem. Blockages in the filters will prevent the passage of air through them.

You can either clean existing filters or buy new ones from reputable dealers who deal in AC parts. But we suggest a thorough inspection which can help root out some other deep causes. This can be done with the help of HVAC service providers who have the right experience.

Leaking refrigerant

The purpose of a refrigerant in any air conditioning system is to facilitate heat transfer. This cools the hot air from the outdoors and releases it indoors. Depending on this thermodynamic principle, the insides of your office and house get cooled. However, if the refrigerant leaks, the heat transfer will not be efficient. Due to this, the environment inside your house will remain hot. This will prevent the air conditioner from achieving the set temperature.

The outdoor unit is dusty

Sometimes, the outdoor unit becomes dusty or gets covered with falling leaves. Similarly, rodents and birds may also create nests inside the outdoor unit. This will prevent the proper functioning of the air conditioning by restricting the airflow. Similarly, dust and debris can also build up inside the outdoor unit after a full season. This is especially true if you live in a dusty area with poor maintenance such as around the outskirts of a city.


Of course, these problems are not the only ones. However, they are the most common culprits when it comes to malfunctioning air conditioners. You should avoid tinkering with your HVAC units on your own, especially if you lack experience.

It is much better to call professional AC repair services Fairfax providers who employ professionals. This way, you can sort out the problem much sooner and reduce the risk of further damage.