Wooden countertops are an amazing material to use, if you are looking for a countertop replacement and want your kitchen to have a rustic and cozy appeal. But there are some things you should know about wood countertops first before committing to buying them. Here are some good and not so good things about wooden countertops.

Pros Of Wood Countertops

Here are some great things about wooden countertops.

The Look Of Wood

Wood is a very popular material among people. People love the look of wood, so it is only natural that it looks great as a countertop. Wood warms up any room in which it is installed and it makes the room look more cozy and welcoming. You can never go wrong with butcher block countertops in your kitchen as it will give a more rough and rustic look to your kitchen.

The Efficiency Of Wood As A Working Surface

Wood is a great surface to work on. No wonder chopping boards are made out of wood. They are scratch resistant, you can work with hot pots and pans on wood and the wood will still not budge. It is a great material to go for because it is very versatile and its working efficiency is great too. With wooden countertops, you can do anything and everything on it, from cutting up meat and other foods to dealing with very utensils right on the surface of wood.

Variety Of Wood

Wood has you covered when it comes to variety in colors and design. There are many shades, different colors and finishes of wood you can choose from, there is something for everyone. You can go for lighter colored wood or darker colored wood. The finish can be smooth and fine or it can be rustic and sandy. The patterns in wood are always interesting and unique. No matter what you want, you will find something you love in wood and it will go perfectly with your kitchen. Also, the type of woods available are endless. You can go for bamboo, maple, teak and the list goes on.

Cons Of Wood Countertops

Now that you know how amazing wood is for countertops, let’s talk about some drawbacks of wood countertops.

Prone To Water Damage

This is a no brainer. Wood is a porous material and it is prone to water damage a lot. Since working in the kitchen does expose the wooden countertops to a lot of moisture and water, it can seep deep in the structure of wood and it can weaken the wood over time. This will lead to the wood becoming brittle and it will not look the same either. The beauty of wood is ruined by water damage.

Needs Sealing

Since wood is an extremely porous and spongy material, this means that it needs to be sealed every now and then. Sealing helps to make the wood waterproof but it doesn’t mean that one seal will last a lifetime. You will need to seal wood about 2 to 3 times a year, depending on the damage it endures. Sealing is also not a cheap task, it is very expensive a d considering wood, it will add extra bucks to the entire sealing process. Maintenance of wood is not only tedious, but it is also very expensive.

Breeding Ground For Bacteria

Wood is a natural countertop material and being natural, it is porous and breathable. If there is a lot of moisture on wood, it can lead to formation of bacteria and fungus on the surface of the wood. This is quite disturbing and unappealing. It is also very unhealthy and it needs to be taken seriously. If your kitchen is already a moisture-heavy place, then it is certain that there might be fungus and bacteria breeding in the crevices of woks. This is also another reason why it needs to be sealed, otherwise things will not look pretty at all.


There you have it! Now you know everything there is to know about wooden countertops. If you feel like they are easy to maintain and you can handle this material, then you can opt for wooden countertops. Go to a granite company NC who has various designs of wood countertop surfaces and choose the best one.