When it comes to deciding the perfect crane for your needs, considering and comparing different types could be a complicated process. However, if you want to rent knuckle boom cranes from crane services you should know some things about these types of cranes. We are going to discuss knuckle boom cranes in detail and their uses. Let’s begin!

What Is The Purpose Of Knuckle Boom Cranes?

It is often that people tend to confuse knuckle boom cranes with traditional boom cranes. Even though they have similar things, but you will encounter difference as well. To begin with, a knuckle boom crane mimics the human finger in the sense that it consists of the main and outer jab that articulate at the knuckle. Also referred to as the picker, loader, or articulating crane, this feature allows the operator to perform a more precise and wide range of movement.

The best thing about knuckle boom cranes is that these cranes are neither too small nor too big, making them compact enough to perform at almost any construction or transportation site. Plus, they are not only powerful but also packed with plenty of features that make them versatile when it comes to performing different types of tasks.

Therefore, knuckle boom cranes are a popular choice when dealing with heavy-duty operations and are mostly found being used for tree care, electric utility, industrial, and construction.

What Are The Different Types Of Knuckle Boom Cranes?

There are different types of knuckle boom cranes with the straight arm or mast being the most popular. This type of crane is used in a variety of industries and is most commonly known for being versatile. Plus, this type is mostly found at construction sites since the straight arm allows for maximum and visible load capacity. Therefore, tasks that require precision can make use of straight-arm cranes.

Another popular type of knuckle boom crane is the telescoping boom crane. The telescopic boom crane is identified by its jib that can be raised over the load to minimize the strain on the system. This makes the knuckle boom cranes the perfect choice for working in limited spaces.

What Factors To Consider When Renting A Knuckle Boom Crane?

When it comes to renting a crane, regardless of the type, there are some essential factors you need to consider. Because there is a huge variety of cranes out there made for different tasks. While some cranes are specifically made for the construction industry, others are made for transportation and some can perform all types of tasks. However, you need to define your needs and preferences.

This will help you narrow down options since different types of cranes come with varying rents. The last thing you would want is renting a crane that hardly comes with any features you want to perform the task and ends up paying a lot more than needed.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Knuckle Boom Crane?

Another reason why knuckle boom cranes are fairly popular is due to the benefits they have to offer. To begin with, knuckle boom cranes can be easily upgraded and are flexible. Moreover, they have a greater payload capacity. This means that these cranes can use several different types of attachments such as log grabs, buckets, and pallet forks, allowing the operator to handle both lightweight and heavyweight loads with ease.

From the outside, knuckle boom cranes surely look small and not too powerful but you shouldn’t underestimate their capability. Perhaps the biggest advantage of using knuckle cranes is that they can easily be transported and can perform in tight spaces. Marine, forestry, mining, construction, and petroleum industries make full use of these cranes due to limited, narrow, and constricted spaces. These cranes not only perform effortlessly but also help get the task done most efficiently and effectively due to the precise movements.

Final Word

Knuckle boom cranes offer several benefits and are popular for all the right reasons. That said, if you plan on renting one, make sure you have your needs and preferences in order before connecting with crane rentals VA. This will help you make the most of your choice without spending days’ worth of time and money.

Wondering how towering structures are built? How do they manage to carry all of the materials at such a high altitude? The answer is, of course, cranes! Cranes are utilized in almost every kind of construction job. It would be difficult to see so many structures if crane services were not available. The importance of crane rentals is shown by the fact that cranes are very costly. As a result, a layperson paying for a building project would be unable to purchase a crane.

This is when rental services come in handy. Rather than purchasing a crane that will most likely never be used again after the project, one may just hire one and get the work done. Of course, this makes no sense.

If you want to employ a rigger or a crane, you should understand all you can about crane rental services. The internet is a wealth of knowledge, yet most of what you read here may be completely irrelevant.

What should you be aware of?

You would undoubtedly want the most up-to-date and relevant information. This is where we come in to assist you. We’ve included all you need to know about crane rental businesses and crane services in one post.

The distinction between excellent and poor crane services

Experts with a strong sense of spatial awareness are used by reputable crane services. As a consequence, they do the task quickly and without difficulty. Poor crane rental providers, on the other hand, usually use inexperienced workers for little pay.

These novice workers are unable to operate the crane in complicated circumstances. As a consequence, they do not look beyond the box and often sabotage the building process by causing setbacks.

This is the main distinction between poor and excellent crane services, and you will see it in virtually every company.

Riggers are people who work in the construction industry

Riggers are just the people that operate the crane. These experts make use of a variety of pulleys, winches, and ropes. They use them to raise all of the heavy equipment, such as boulders, machinery, and other things.

In other terms, riggers are individuals who move large items with the assistance of a crane. A rigger’s responsibilities are not that straightforward. From the outside, it may seem to be quite easy. After all, the only thing you see is a person running the crane. However, it pales in contrast to what you see.

A rigger’s responsibilities include evaluating the weight, guaranteeing everyone’s safety, correctly explaining the situation, working with other workers on the building site, and ultimately, operating the crane. All of these variables, when combined, may provide several difficulties, particularly in high-pressure circumstances.

As a result, in order to cope with high-pressure circumstances, a crane rigger must have excellent nerve control and reaction time. This is a real talent and a well-paying full-time job for many individuals. That is why so many individuals work hard to improve their abilities.


Now that you’ve learned the fundamentals of all kinds of crane services, you’re ready to hire to get your job done. If you want to get the most out of any business, just remember the information we’ve given you.

Remember that the type of crane and the service that you use makes a big difference. It can speed up or slow down your construction project. So, choose such a company wisely.

When you’re ready, just employ the finest crane rental services VA to finish your construction tasks. Don’t forget to check online reviews before employing any business, whether for the short or long term. Reading reviews may help you make better choices.

You might need to hire a crane rigging company to fulfill your heavy equipment carrying needs on construction sites. For this important task, you must choose a reliable and experienced rigging company which will provide you with perfect services without causing any issues. Avoid hiring the companies that do not have the required amount of experience of working in the rigging industry.

But another consideration that you must make is your budget. You have to find a rigging company that will provide the best possible services within your budget. You don’t want to hire a company that charges a lot of money for small work.

Here are some considerations you can make to hire the right rigging company within your budget.

Set A Budget

Since rigging operations can cost a lot of money in some cases, you must make a specific budget to fulfill your rigging needs. Since you might not have any prior experience of working with a rigging company, you will have to get in contact with your project in-charge in this matter. Talk to the people who are expert in formulating a budget for rigging operations. Put the right people in place to make the budget of your rigging operation.

Although you might have people dedicated to this very task, you will still have to give them a figure that is in your mind. This will help them set a budget according to your expectations.

Do Proper Research

Get recommendations for the best rigging companies working in your area before starting the research part. You must hire a rigging company that is trusted by your peers, and is appropriately experienced to do the required job.

So, do some research and make a list of all the rigging companies providing services in your area. These names can be collected by talking to your friends, employees, project in-charge, or simply by doing a quick Google search. Use every connection that you think can prove helpful in the process, and ask them to suggest you a good rigging service provider. You must only include those companies in your list which provide great services.

Lastly, make sure that the companies in your list are well experienced in handling construction projects like yours.

Reach Out To The Shortlisted Companies

To get a free quote on your project, you will have to get in contact with the shortlisted companies, as ask them for a free quote on your project. You must discuss project details and requirements with these companies so they might get an idea about the degree of experience and skill, and time your project will take to be completed perfectly. They will also consider the type of rigging equipment needed in the rigging process before giving you a quote.

Shop Around And Compare Before Hiring

After you discuss the project details with all the shortlisted companies, they will start giving your quotes. Some companies will quote within your budget, while the others will quote way beyond it. You can exclude the expensive companies from your list.

After this, get in contact with the companies that have quoted within your budget, and understand their pricing policy and the equipment they plan on using in the rigging project. Select a company that is providing a decent service against the money they are charging you. Avoid the companies that have quoted within your budget, but are cutting corners by providing limited services.

Do The Deal

After you have selected the company that you think is the best fit for your rigging project, and work with them to figure out how the project can be done efficiently, and if there can be any room for savings. You can always review the agreement and pricing policy before signing the project and detect any unnecessary expenses that can be cut down.

After reviewing the contract and reaching a figure that is acceptable to both you and the rigging company, you can finally sign the contract and shake hands.

However, keep in mind that if you have a budget that is too low, the company will be forced to cut corners, and you might face problems down the line if you proceed this way. That is why a decent budget must be allocated for working with rigging companies.

Cranes can be used to transfer heavy equipment from one place to another on a construction site. However, there are some concerns that need to be addressed before getting a crane to your construction site through crane rental services. Here are some of the things you should know.

Know About The Lift Director

Being organized would help you to use the crane safely. That is why a crane should never be operated until a director is ready to direct the crane driver in the operation. Allocate a person who would lead the crane related project, and his ultimate goal would be to complete the project perfectly on time. This director would handle all the crane related tasks and would answer the queries of any employee or other directors present on the working site. So, you can easily avoid the conflict of interests in the construction works.

Another task that the lift director can easily take is making sure all the equipment present on the working site stays safe when the crane is operating. You should carefully select the crane operator to make sure everything goes perfectly.

Personal Protective Equipment Requirements

This is also one of the duties of your lift director. They also make decisions about personal protective equipment. Crane operator you choose must be well aware of how personal protective equipment work. Countries including the US have OSHA laws that require you to use specific equipment on the job site whic benefit the operator in case of any unfortunate event. This equipment makes sure that all the employees working on job sites stay safe when the construction is going on. PPE requirements in the works including cranes might include specific footwear, fire resistant clothes, gloves and helmets for head protection. I’m addition to these things, you might also need other equipment depending on the type of job you require.

Allocate A Spotter

Crane operation is on a worksite is usually for a limited period of time. So, depending on the type of work the crane would be doing, you can allocate a spotter. This person would be responsible to direct the crane operator about the equipment that need to be replaced, and where it’ll be placed. The spotter would usually spot if there are any obstacles in the way, and would contact the relevant workers to get the problem fixed. Remember that having a spotter on the site is a must, if you don’t have a spotter, hire one before starting the crane operation.

Make Specific Set Of Rules

Every job requires you to make specific rules. Same goes for the crane works in any construction site. Make rules for how the crane would operate, and limit its movement to safely execute the task. Tell the crane director about where the vehicle can move to and what would be the parameters. This allows you to redirect the vehicle and keep all of the other works on the site undisturbed. Also, answer any questions of the lift director to make the process smooth.

Consider All The Risks Present

Like all the other heavy equipment, cranes too have their own risks when you use them on construction site. So, it is necessary to consider any risks present. The work done by cranes are usually difficult and complex, this can be the result of various factors. Also, this might be a wise option to get the ground checked both for the security of your site and the crane as well. You can run into a high level risk if the crane encounters any error on the construction site.

Crane operators can’t work properly unless they are provided with the right set of instructions on the work site. So, always have a proper plan when you have a crane coming up on the site for work.

Choose The Right Crane For Work

Choosing the right type of crane is also a must if you want to get the job done perfectly. The most important function to look for is the maximum weight capacity of the crane you’re choosing. This is important as overloading the crane might cause it to fail. Follow all the requirements to avoid any unfortunate accident on the work site.

These were some of the things you’ll need to do even when you are dealing with small crane rentals VA. Good luck!

When you have a construction project or any other project, you need to have a crane for rent. For you to have an easy time renting the unit you need to consider a number of tips:

Understand your job site conditions

Job sites are different. There are those with a loose ground, others with muddy grounds and so on. The different conditions require different types of cranes. You need to research and find out the right ones for your needs. If this is the first time you are renting, get a professional to help you out.

The professional will help you in identifying the right machine that will be able to easily move around the site, one that will be able to easily carry your goods of interest, and so on.

When you understand your job site conditions, you are able to rent the right crane that will provide you with the best results.

Get a number of quotes

Once you know the right crane for your needs, your next step should be to find the right company to rent from. The cool thing is that there are plenty of companies in the market that you can go for.

Some people rent the cranes from the first company they come across. Don’t do this. You should visit a number of companies and get quotes from them. You should then compare the quotes depending on the services that the company provides and the prices charged. As rule of thumb, work with a company that provides you with the best services at the least cost.

Many people are unable to get many quotes as they are in a hurry. Don’t be one of these people. This calls for you to start your research early enough. The best way of going about it is to start finding a crane a few months before your project commences. This way you will have enough time to move around different companies and see what they offer.

Pay attention to crane maintenance

How well maintained are the cranes that you are looking to rent? It’s crucial that you take your time to find out. The last thing you want are the cranes failing to work at your site and you have to delay your project.

When you are visiting the different companies, you should ask to see the maintenance records of the different machines. As rule of thumb, ensure that the machines are properly maintained annually and they are in good shape.

You should note that inspecting the machine when you are renting it isn’t enough—you also need to inspect it at the work site. Every morning before you do any lifting, go around the machine and ensure that all parts in good working condition.

Pay attention to the contract

For you to make your agreement official, you need to sign a contract with the rental company. Some people simply sign the document and don’t bother reading it. Don’t do this. To avoid problems and ensure that you fully understand what is at stake, take time to read the agreement.

Ensure that you understand who is responsible for repairs, what will happen in the event the crane can’t continue working on the site, dates of the rental period, and the amount you will have to pay at the end of the rental period, including the fees and taxes.

You should note that it’s always nice to work with companies with many cranes. This way you have peace of mind that in the event one of the cranes fails, you can easily get a new one without delaying your project.

Understand the needs of a crane operator

Unless you are a crane operator, you need to hire one to make your project possible. Most of the crane rentals DC will supply you with a crane operator but if you have to hire one, ensure that he/she is experienced and certified to work in your local area.

The operator should understand all the safety measures to take to ensure that the lifting is as safe as possible.

When hiring the operator, also ensure that you hire experienced riggers who understand the dangers that come with working with cranes. The last thing you want are accidents on the work site.

When you are building a house, it’s wise that you rent a crane from your local crane rentals. There are plenty of benefits that come with doing it. Some of these benefits include:

Increase in construction speed

This is an obvious one. Since you have a machine to help you with the work, you increase efficiency in all areas of your work. Material handling has a great impact on the construction process; therefore, when you have a machine on the site that handles the materials fast and more efficiently, you tend to construct your house much faster.

According to construction experts, when you have a crane at the construction site, you tend to reduce the construction time by up to 25%. As you might have guessed, this not only allows you to move to the new house fast, you also save money as you don’t need to hire labor for a long time.

Increase in safety

Since the cranes handle the heavy lifting of the construction project, you greatly reduce the chances of accidents at the work site. This is because the workers won’t be doing the heavy lifting.

Studies show that the crane aids in keeping the work site clean and organized which further increases the safety aspect.

While the crane makes it much safer to work on the site, it can also become a hazard when you don’t operate it properly. This calls for you to be extra cautious when hiring a crane operator. The best way of going about it is renting a crane where the operator is supplied to you by the rental company. This way you are sure that he/she is certified and experienced enough.

Increased motivation of the workers

Since the workers don’t do the heavy lifting, they are able to concentrate on the other aspects of the construction project. This has been shown to greatly improve the momentum of the building activity. It also reduces burnout as the workers aren’t engaged in a lot of physical work.

The increased motivation not only increases the speed of your project, it also ensures that the project is done perfectly. The end result of this is a high-quality construction project.

You make the neighbors happy

A construction project involves a lot of noise, dust, and other nuisances. When you complete your project fast, you reduce the time that the neighbors are exposed to the annoying factors. As a result of this, you make them happy. They will even by good neighbors when you move in.

What elements should you consider when renting a crane?

For you to get the most from the crane you need to rent the right one. This calls for you to be extra cautious when making the hire. Some of the things to consider when hiring include:

The condition of the crane: How properly maintained is the crane you are looking to hire? You need to know about it. For you to avoid hiring a crane that will grind to halt at your work site, you should hire a properly maintained crane.

When hiring, ask to see all the maintenance records. You also need to go through the machine. You should note that you don’t need to be a crane expert for you to determine whether the crane is in good condition. Just like you can tell a properly maintained car even when you aren’t a car expert, you can also tell a properly maintained crane even if you aren’t a crane professional.

Take a look at paintwork, condition of the wheels, and any other thing that might tell you more about the crane.

Crane ownership: Does the rental company own the cranes? You should note that some companies tend to rent cranes that they don’t own in the first place. As you might have guessed, this leads to them renting them at a high price. You also tend to have difficulties getting support when issues come up.

You need to ensure that the crane services VA provider own the crane that they are looking to rent. You should go for a company with a number of cranes. This is to make it easy for you to get a replacement when one fails to work.