The situation of a divorce is already a difficult one and hard to deal with and if one spouse has a controversial personality then surely this divorce is going to turn into one disruptive battle, for which you need a top rated divorce lawyer.

There will be a show of fake emotions, quarrels, arguments, blame games and it will be one huge war where things are going to only get more and more disastrous. The conflicting spouse will make the other spouse seem like they are at fault and are the cause of all the problems. Divorce can drain you out completely; physically, mentally and financially and a conflicting spouse can worsen the matter. However, you will need to take a stand and follow these tips below so that the process gets somewhat easy to deal with for you.

Reduce Contact As Much As Possible

This toxic person made your life a living hell and now is not allowing you to get divorced in peace as well. The best tip is to meet and have contact as little as possible. This person can use your words against you and twist them in such a way that your friends and family might blame you. Make sure there are no phone calls between you two, even for a minute and hardly any face-to-face confrontation.

In fact if it is really necessary to meet then either take your lawyer with you or a mutual third person. Make sure everything you discuss is in writing. Writing is easy to be shown as proofs rather than word of mouth.

Quit The Thought Of Co-Parenting

Co- parenting can become a complete disaster right now. You want the best for your kids and want to coexist with your ex-spouse and kids peacefully but you need your peace as well. Co-parenting will not be possible with a conflicting personality. Instead opt for a written plan ordained by the court and set a straight line which should not be crossed by your spouse. Also, you should know that the meeting with your kids and ex-spouse will not go according to your expectation so you should always be on your guard in order to protect yourself.

Take A Stand And Act Mature

You need to take a stand on the actions and allegations by your spouse. You cannot stay quiet and let people make their own results. You will need to fight back with the truth and bring all the valid proofs. You can’t let your spouse disgrace you just because you are vulnerable. Bring out everything in the open so everyone knows what’s right and what’s wrong.

On the face of it people might think that you are equally responsible but do not let this trickery get to you. Your ex-spouse is feeling scared and insecure and using emotional tactics to bring you down. Never admit your mistakes or your true feelings in an emotional breakdown during divorce, but just go for the straight truth. Do not get the bad names or the defaming get to you, your spouse is just doing it to test your patience and make you out of control.

Stand Your Ground And Be Prepared For Everything

You are not supposed to move your words, you are not supposed to get emotionally blackmailed, you need to be firm in your decisions and actions no matter how unrealistic and unnerving your spouse gets. Just write down everything on documents and draw a line where to stop.

Do not change the documents if you want your peace of mind and health and happiness intact. These types of people are capable of anything so stay vigilant even if all the odds are on your side, there could be an attack at any moment so don’t let your guard loose. You have to be strong and firm for yourself, for your kids, and for the protection of your family.


Dealing with a highly conflicting divorce can be disastrous but if you keep your facts straight, your emotions in control and make persistent plans and follow them, then surely it will be easy. For increasing your odds, hire a family attorney Fairfax VA you can trust with this exhausting battle.