Are you planning to go to hair transplant doctors? If yes, then you would already know what hair transplant is. Simply put, it is a surgical technique in which the individual follicles of hair get moved from the scalp’s back to the area that needs more hair. The pair from where the hair follicles are taken is called the donor side. The part where it is transferred is called the balding side or the ‘recipient area’. So, hair transplant is a technique that is majorly used for the treatment of male pattern baldness. And, it is quite an effective method for most people. However, for some, it may not work at all.

Hair transplant is a hair procedure that is also performed on women. However, these women are usually the ones that have a significant level of thinning or hair lost. Along with that, they may also have bald spots that not long support the growth of hair.

The pros and cons of hair transplant

In men, hair loss is most associated with the hormone called DHT and a range of other genetic factors. In male pattern baldness, the hairline recedes gradually which increases the visibility of the scalp and exposes out the bald spots. In women, the hair loss is mostly due to a hormonal change. This results in thinning throughout the head. At the same time, hair transplant may also be used to replace the hair that people lose through injury, scalp diseases, and burns.


Before moving on to the disadvantages of hair transplant, let us first talk about its advantages. Since hair transplant involves transplanting one’s own hair, there is no chance of rejection by the body. Normally, the hair growth will return within two to three months of the treatment. With that, the scalp recovery time from this treatment is considered to be around 8 to 10 months. Within this time period, the hair on the head come back.

Today, this technique has advanced significantly to an extend where the success rate is very high. In this regard, the FUE method is more commonly used in comparison to the follicular unit transplant method, also known as FUT.

The biggest advantage of hair transplant is that it is a totally manageable and natural treatment. So, there is no need for one to use any type of special shampoos or other chemical-infused solutions for maintaining the level of hair growth.

Ultimately, it will allow you to have a good amount of hair back on your head.


Well, a big disadvantage of hair transplant is that it is important for candidates to have good general health. Otherwise, the transplant treatment will not be performed. Furthermore, if a person gets this treatment performed at an early age of 20 or 30 years, then the hair loss may continue. This will be due to genetic reasons as the hair loss would not have completed its entire cycle.

With that, the recovery time of hair transplants is also lower (usually 8 to 10 months) for full recovery. However, let us look at the brighter side that suggests that hair transplant can indeed improve a person’s appearance and self-confidence.

Ending note

However, it is incredibly important to get hair transplant from reputed hair transplant clinics only. Otherwise, chances are that you will not get the quality or results that you are looking for. A bad hair transplant is also like a bad plastic surgery. If done wrong, you will have to live it for the remaining part of your life. So, make sure that you are not making the mistake of relying on an inexperienced clinic.