The therapeutic massage has been a practice since for centuries now in healing ailments and improving one’s overall wellness. It also reduces stress and relieves muscle pains and tensions. As positive as the benefits may seem, getting a massage during pregnancy may receive a contradicting option from your gynecology clinic and other health experts when it comes to its purpose and safety. Yet, recent studies and research show that acquiring a prenatal massage therapy can actually be a key instrument in women’s prenatal care and should be considered seriously.


Despite the fact that a lot of massage training institutions are conducting proper massage therapy training for pregnant women, it is still highly advisable to seek the service of a certified prenatal massage therapist. The wonders that pregnant women can benefit from a massage therapy are inevitable like it can help them sleep better and improve their mood, it can help reduce their joint swelling, and can ease their nerve pain by relaxing the muscles.

Other Benefits Of This Massage For Moms-To-Be:

  • Eases back pain.
  • Eases joint pain.
  • Improves body circulation.
  • Eases edema.
  • Reduces headaches and muscle tension.
  • Eliminates anxiety and stress.
  • Improved sleep.
  • Improved oxygenation of muscles and soft tissues.


For pregnant women who wanted to have a massage therapy during their pregnancy should always prioritize safety-first and acquire the service of trained and certified massage therapists only. It is also advised to seek your doctor’s suggestions about qualified prenatal massage therapists around your area.

You can begin your massage therapy sessions anytime within your pregnancy period – first, second, or third trimester. However, there are some institutions or facilities who refuse to offer this massage service to those who are still in their first trimester due to a higher risk of miscarriage. The first 12 weeks of pregnancy is considered the most critical time because this is the phase where everything is beginning to form. It is better to indulge in this service after that first trimester has successfully passed.

  • The Swedish Massage Technique

The Swedish massage involves long and gentle strokes over the tight muscle areas. Better to avoid other techniques and body massages that may trigger blood pressure or body circulation at risk, especially when the massage proper reaches the legs and calves area. Bear in mind that a pregnant woman’s blood volume doubles when pregnant. See to it that your prenatal massage therapist positions you in a comfortable and safe spot. A side-lying position is the best position you can be placed supported with pillows for added comfort when on a massage table. Remember that after 22 weeks, you should avoid lying on your back to avoid pressure on your deep blood vessels that is crucial in carrying nutrients and blood to that growing human inside you. Now, if you’re having a high-risk pregnancy or is having high blood pressure and you are experiencing unforeseen swelling, immediately consult your doctor before you proceed with your prenatal massage sessions.

Other Conditions That Needs Consultation Before The Prenatal Massage:

  • Pregnancy-induced hypertension (PIH)
  • Preeclampsia
  • Previous pre-term labor
  • Sudden severe headaches
  • Have given birth recently


The prenatal massage can contribute in the overall prenatal health and care of almost all pregnant women. Together with the proper guidance and advice of your prenatal care provider or doctor, massage therapy can be integrated with your routine prenatal care as part of your emotional and physical health regimen. This can also improve the outcome of your pregnancy and your maternal health as well. And before you begin with any therapeutic practices always consult your doctor or obstetrician.

During the process of conceiving there could be a lot of health issues that can arise and could impact a pregnancy. The women’s choice clinic DC can very well state a handful of experiences of pregnant women dealing with pregnancy from the first till the last trimester. It is and was never easy to carry a baby in your belly for 9 straight months – no mother ever said it was a breeze. But because you love your developing human and will do everything to deliver them safely and healthy into this world, you would try all the healthy and helpful means to improve your prenatal care practice. Getting a massage can greatly help you in your journey and only a certified and licensed massage therapist can provide you with all the benefits this kind of massage has.

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