Though the open floor plan offers inviting and informal airiness, they’re hard to decorate. Especially when it comes to area rugs such as antique rugs, it’s hard to mix and match them without creating visual chaos.

But relax! Here’s our complete guide on how to use rugs in an open floor plan.

Synchronize Different Rugs

First things first, even though you’re using rugs to create a multiple-purpose area, you still need to keep this thing in mind that it’s still a single room where you’re putting different things together. So, everything must be visually appealing, and the rugs should synchronize with each other.

Their color and pattern should connect. It must look like a single room.

Create A Pattern Of Colors

While designing an open floor plan with rugs, make sure you’re creating a pattern of colors. It shouldn’t be in a single-color code. However, at the same time, you’re not supposed to create a pattern so that the room looks like each corner has been showered with a different color. In short, it shouldn’t look like a rainbow either.

You’re only supposed to coordinate colors with the furniture. Well, it’s an art not everyone can master. You’ll learn this with time and practice. However, with our guide, you can give it a try and see if you do it right.

Play With Small Rugs And Runners

Yes, we know you have a broader canvas in mind while designing an open floor plan. And you might be thinking about the oversized rugs. However, in the meantime, you’re not supposed to ignore small rugs and runners, especially when designing a huge floor.

These runners and rugs will be pretty helpful while embellishing the room. For instance, you can use the runners to create small pathways that’ll definitely look stunning in a big room. Or you can place the small rug under the coffee table.

Make Sure Rugs Have Enough Space Between Them

Now when we’ve talked about embellishing the room with smaller rugs and runners, that doesn’t really mean filling up the space with rugs only. There’s much more you’re supposed to fit in. The furniture, the room decor items, kitchenware, and some small plants, maybe. So, you can’t just fill up the space with rugs only.

You will have to choose per number of rugs. This way, you’ll be able to make sure enough space is left between each rug. Though, there’s no rule of thumb for this. Still, at least a foot should be left between each rug. Or otherwise, the space will look too cramped up.

Create A Perfect Rug Pair

Just as mentioned in the first point, you’re supposed to synchronize all the rugs perfectly. Let’s say there are two big rugs in a space. How will you perfectly pair them? Well, there are different ways for it. Let’s talk about the simplest ones that you can easily follow.

Pair A Solid With A Pattern

This one is the most versatile. And it also works every time. So, if you’re a beginner in interior design, let’s go with this method. In this, a huge rug is paired with a comparatively average-sized rug. And one rug (usually the bigger one) will be solid, while the other will be a pattern.

Identical Rugs

This one is the easiest pair. Here you’ll go classic and choose two identical rugs of the same style and color. This will be a perfect pair without you putting in too much effort.

Choose Different Shapes

Here, besides the classic decor, you’ll choose to go with modern patterns. Use rugs with different shapes for different corners—for instance, square shaped rugs for the living corners and round shaped ones for the dining.


The number of ideas we’ve given above is not enough. There’s a plethora of much more. However, all you need to know is everything will work unless or until there’s perfect coordination. So, keep the theme of your house in mind when shopping for tribal rugs VA or rugs of any type and then mix and match the colors and themes. These rugs match with most types of decor and furniture so it won’t be difficult to come up with the perfect style.