The construction industry uses all types of cranes. Depending on the project, a contractor may hire multiple large-sized cranes or relatively small-sized cranes if access is slightly tricky. In addition to that, small or mini-cranes are also used for maintenance purposes and tasks that require a few hours to complete. Moreover, they are also easily available with crane services. Therefore, we are going to discuss some of the uses of small cranes and how they benefit the industry.

Tonnage Or Lift Weight

Even though small cranes as compared to heavy cranes tend to be a lot smaller in size, but they come with impressive tonnage and lifting capability. In fact, some cranes can lift a weight of up to 4.8 tons with a maximum boom length of 12.8 meters. This makes it easier for the crane to reach heights.

In addition to that, mini-cranes are also loaded with top-notch features. These features are not only meant to make the operating driving experience easier but also safety and security. Irrespective of the crane size, it normally takes around 2-3 individuals on the ground to aid the driver while a task is being carried out.

Therefore, the driver has to consider their safety as well and make use of all the cameras, sensors, and other important features to prevent any serious circumstances. Furthermore, mini-cranes are also comparatively easier to drive, which makes it easy to navigate through narrow streets and roads. However, depending on the state, even small-cranes might need a permit.

Interior Jobs

While the regular heavy cranes are mostly suited to outdoor jobs, small cranes on the other hand can also be used for interior jobs. The reason is that small cranes are compact and versatile enough to easily fit inside buildings. This is why they are mostly used for installations in shopping centers, malls, and airports, etc. Plus, they can also lift heavy materials such as glass, steel, and concrete, etc.

In recent years, mini cranes have mostly been used by art galleries that require lifting and shifting heavy but delicate items.

Exterior Jobs

Although mini-cranes can work on some exterior jobs as well, but since they are smaller in size, they are mostly utilized for much easier and simple tasks. For outdoor purposes, mini-cranes with spider leg-like outriggers are used that can travel on any surface with ease. These cranes while stationed at uneven terrains can easily provide a safe and reliable base for lifting.

With that said, mini-cranes are mostly found in areas that are relatively difficult to access. Projects like home renovations and additions require the use of mini-cranes. And perhaps the biggest advantage is that the mini cranes permit is easier to get.

Scaffolding Alternative

You can use a small crane as a temporary replacement for scaffolding, However, you need to keep in mind that scaffolding tasks can be disruptive to the surrounding environment be it indoors or outdoors. Moreover, scaffolding projects also require a great deal of time and manpower to complete. Therefore, using a portable crane with a man lift for painting or performing repairs can save time and money related to scaffolding set up and tear down. With that said, you might not need a scaffolding permit either.

Rooftops With Weight Restrictions

If a project requires roof work or adding a floor on top of an existing structure, a mini-crane is going to be the perfect match for the task. Since they are relatively lightweight than larger cranes, mini-cranes tend to be an excellent solution to lift heavy materials from the ground while positioned on the roof. Plus, you do not have to close the roads and take additional steps to secure the area, which can take up more time and savings. However, it should be kept in mind that mini-cranes should only be operated by experienced operators.

Final Word

The use of small cranes has made it a lot easier to carry out installation and renovation projects. In addition to saving time and money, they also provide safety and security. This means that the popularity and use of these machines is only destined to grow in the future. Get in contact with small crane rentals DC to book a mini crane for your project.