Community events can be done for a number of reasons. Fundraising, introducing new people, or simply getting together, community events will be a breeze to plan and host, if you get in contact with the right people and tent rentals, and follow these tips.

You’ll Need A Team

It’s impossible to plan, execute, and host a community event as a one-man show. You will definitely need help in this regard, so it’s better to whip up a team of people who can help you in making this event successful. Try to pick people who can take over each of the tasks perfectly.

You will need to find out the strengths and weaknesses of your team members and find the perfect people who you can rely on to make this community event successful. You can make up a team of people by asking your community to volunteer and then you can judge their individual skills.

What Are You Expecting From This Event?

It’s very important that you have an end goal and vision for your event. You need to ask yourself some questions like, what are you expecting from this event?  What is the purpose of this event?  What should be your priority in this event?

At the end of the event, what should be your expectations? These questions and their relative answers are going to set the pace and line of action for your event and they will help you be motivated throughout the preparation process.

Book A Venue

Every event needs a good venue. You can have events in smaller venues if you have a smaller gathering but it’s important to identify the strength of the guests that are visiting, so you don’t accidentally book a venue that is either too big or too small. You can find venues very easily if you do your research properly.

You might also find one in your budget and it might also include food and refreshments, but it’s important that you survey those venues and see if they are up to your standards and expectations and it should also, obviously, fit the budget.

Refreshments And Food

No event is complete without some good food. You can either have the guests contribute to the food, like bringing home-cooked food to the event, or you can have a buffet-style food and refreshment setup. It all depends on what your community prefers or what type of event you are going for.

If it’s a chill and laid-back gathering just for getting together, then you can encourage each guest to bring something to the event. This will also be a great ice breaker and way for introductions. You will also save a lot of money this way.

Getting A Permit/License

Community events are different from other events because they are done for a specific purpose, like money raising, helping out someone, etc. So, you need to get an event permit or license of some sort in order to lawfully conduct an event without getting in trouble for it. This permit can be issued from your local town office and you can state the purpose of conducting this event for the issuance of the permit or license.

Once you get a permit, you can safely conduct the event until its expiry. It’s better to avoid any sort of trouble with the law when conducting these types of events. So, don’t forget this step and fulfill the legal procedures and requirements.

Advertise It Properly

If you want even more guests for your community event, then you’re going to need creative ways to advertise it. You can use social media to your advantage and promote this event as much as you can. You can also send out individual invitations to people and encourage them to bring even more people who will like this type of gathering. It takes a little bit of effort and thinking to get guests crowding at your event, but it’s all worth it at the end of the day.


There you have it! Who says planning for a community event needs to be stressful?  All you need is a bit of planning, helpful people, and trustworthy party rentals Clarksburg to execute a successful community event.