A hybrid car window tint is a mix of dyed and metallic window tints. It contains dyes and metal particles that increase UV and IR protection while increasing shatter resistance and durability. This along with other benefits is the primary reason hybrid car window tints are preferred by people who want auto glass tinting. Let’s discuss!

Benefits Of Hybrid Auto Window Tints

To begin with, the metalized layer design of hybrid window tints offers an impressive solar heat reduction. The reflective metal inside the tint helps reduce infrared radiation from the sun, which reduces the heat buildup inside the vehicle. As a result, not only will your vehicle remain cooler when it is blazing outside but also increase the fuel economy.

Next, the UV protection capability of hybrid window tints protects your skin as well as the interior of the vehicle. You might have noticed that some vehicles have faded interiors. This is primarily due to the fact that such vehicles remain parked in the sun and direct exposure during the day ruins the finish.

Furthermore, when compared to dyed window tints, hybrid tints tend to be far more durable and fade-resistant. This means that these tints can easily withstand years of extreme weather conditions and will not fade. However, in the case of dyed window tints, they will need to be replaced after a year or so as they lose color. Plus, hybrid window tints also prevent the window glass from shattering in the case of an accident. This prevents injury as the glass pieces come in contact with the skin.

Moreover, a major downside to metalized window tints is the reflective look. There is not much you can do to reduce the reflectiveness of a metalized window tint. But when it comes to hybrid window tints, they use less metal and more dye, which gives it more like a matte finish.

And even worse, some states have strict regulations regarding reflective window tints. Therefore, a matte finish window tint can easily give you the upper hand if you tend to be living in such states.

Limitations Of Hybrid Car Window Tints

Although hybrid window tints tend to have comparatively less electronic interference than metalized window tints, they still do have some. Meanwhile, ceramic or dyed window tints do not have any electronic interference, which means that you might have a problem with interference with hybrid tints installed.

In addition to that, hybrid window tints when compared to ceramic and metalized window tints are more affordable but expensive than dyed window tints. This means those who are already working with a limited budget are less likely to opt for them regardless of the benefits.

And finally, even though hybrid window tints feature a better quality than dyed window tints, but they do not surpass metalized and ceramic window tints. Therefore, when it comes to opting for hybrid window tints, you should expect the same quality as that of ceramic window tints since there is a price difference as well.

How Much Does It Cost To Install Hybrid Car Window Tints?

As mentioned previously, hybrid window tints cost somewhere between dyed and metalized window tints. The total cost depends on the type of car you have. Installing window tints on SUVs is expensive as compared to regular sedans as the windows are bigger. With that said, you can expect somewhere around $200-500 for hybrid tint installation.

When To Use Hybrid Car Window Tints?

Hybrid window tints are a perfect option for those who are not willing to spend a huge amount of money. Plus, if the state you are living in has strict laws in place regarding tinted windows, hybrid window tints will prevent any serious legal issues. This is why, before opting for a tint shade, you should check in with the local authorities.

Plus, if you are suffering from medical conditions like lupus, you can get a medical exemption for tint shades that are otherwise illegal.

Final Word

Concluding, we hope the information provided above helps you compare hybrid window tints against other types to allow you to make a wise decision. And before you commit to your purchase, make sure that you are getting the tints from a certified car window tinting shop Springfield.