Rugs are available in a lot of materials and nowadays there is so much variety when it comes to rug materials that you are bound to get confused as to which one should you select from tribal rugs to contemporary rugs. Here is everything good and bad you need to know about viscose rugs.

Pros Of Viscose Rugs

Here are some great things about viscose rugs that make these rugs worthy of buying.

The Feeling Of The Rug Is Amazing

Viscose is a synthetic material that is made out of different types of cellulose treated together with acids. This makes a shiny but not too tacky material that is perfect for everyday use. These rugs have an amazing feeling, which is almost sleek and luxurious to the touch. If you want a rug that is soft and is comfortable to sit on, then viscose is the best choice of material to go for.

The Appearance Is Stellar

This rug is beautiful in its appearance too. Viscose rugs are known to be very beautiful and eye-catching rugs. They can be easily identified in the room and it’s very hard to miss them. The look and feel are very similar to silk rugs, but you get them at a great price and they are not as hard to maintain as silk rugs.

The look is almost lustrous but not too shiny. It’s the perfect liaison between silk and synthetic rug and the best part is that it doesn’t look like a cheap rug. The feel of the rug is very good.

It Is Very Reasonable In Price

Even though viscose is a man-made material and you might think it is quite expensive, it is actually quite reasonable in price similar to synthetic rugs. It is made in factories and doesn’t use a lot of manual labor, unlike woolen rugs which are made solely by hand and take a lot of time to make as well.

Viscose rugs are great because they are a whole industry in itself and their cost is very good as compared to other handmade woolen or Persian rugs. You can get a viscose rug at a price that won’t put a dent in your wallet.

Cons Of Viscose Rugs

Here are some things you need to consider before buying viscose rugs because they can be deal-breakers for some people.

It Doesn’t Trap Heat

These rugs don’t trap heat at all. This may be a good or bad thing depending on the person who is buying the rug. But usually, you want a rug that can keep your feet warm and gives floors a cozy feel too. Viscose rugs are not designed to keep heat inside. They are not trappers of heat and they can feel very chilly, especially in the winter months.

It Can Break

As amazing viscose rugs are, they are prone to breakage. While they are great with pets and better than woolen rugs, they are still not as secure as other rugs which are synthetic. This type of plastic is very brittle and it can break under forced impacts. As you keep the rug and people step on it multiple times, it will start to crack and, in the end, it can eventually break. The best way to prevent this from happening is to make sure that there isn’t a lot of foot traffic on the rug.

Cleaning Viscose Rugs Is Hard

Plastic is easy to clean, but viscose is not like other plastics. It is very hard to clean and cleaning with water can actually damage the rug even more. You want to clean it with a dry cloth because even the slightest trace of water can ruin the rug within no time at all. Since there is cellulose in the rug, any contact with water can make the rug swell in weird places and the fibers can start to shed, which is not a good thing.


There you have it! Viscose rugs are a great choice if you are looking for something which is easy on the eyes and it doesn’t cost you a fortune at the same time. Viscose rugs aren’t durable so consider this aspect as well when looking for rugs on sale Alexandria.