Remodeling a master bathroom is an entirely different experience that everyone should go through. Unlike the common assumption about such projects being expensive, you can easily remodel your master bathroom if you are smart and wise with your decisions. On top of that, the ideas will also leave you overwhelmed. Below is a list of the most important bathroom remodeling tips for you to consider.

Create A Budget

When it comes to remodeling your master bathroom, keep in mind that you are investing in your property. This means that whatever options or ideas you opt for should offer a return in the future. This is why it is important to create a budget. Without it, the costs can spiral.

A common mistake made by homeowners is underestimating the importance of creating a budget. Even if you can afford or are willing to spend a chunk of money on remodeling the bathroom, you still need to lay down a budget. The reason is that it gives you a clear direction and helps you focus on the priorities.

As mentioned earlier, bathroom remodeling ideas can distract you and make you spend on things that offer little to no value at all. To avoid such situations, you need to hire a remodeling contractor as well who understands your vision and remodels the bathroom accordingly.

At the same time, you should not make a wild guess of the total cost of the remodeling project. The best way is to research, gather, and cross-compare quotes and prices to be able to at least determine a near-accurate guess. And, also leave some room for unexpected repairs, damages, etc.

Choose The Type Of Bathroom

Some people might have never heard this before but you can choose and change the type of bathroom as well. Considering the fact that bathrooms come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and layouts, it is a good idea to look up all your options and discuss them with your home remodeling expert to come up with the best one.

An interior designer can suggest you things you may like. For example, you can choose a standard, a half bath, or a wet bathroom. A standard bathroom as the term suggests is a regular bathroom with a toilet, sink, or shower cabinet.

With remodeling, you can add some luxury and other practical features to have a master bathroom as well. This way, the luxurious spa-like vibe will make for a rejuvenating escape at home.

Moving on, a half bath or a powder room is a relatively small space that contains a toilet or a sink. The biggest advantage of having a powder room is the guests do not invade your personal bathroom space when they are over for dinner. Plus, if you have guests staying over, they will have that bathroom for getting ready without making things difficult for you or your family.

Additionally, adding a half bath is not complicated either in terms of limited space. Even if the house has a small space to offer, you can easily add a powder room without much planning or being expensive.

Finally, a wet bathroom is a full bathroom where the shower isn’t separated or behind a curtain. Wet baths tend to be completely waterproof including the cabinets, floors, and walls. The best thing about wet bathrooms is that they can look sleek and modern and offer a full return on the investment.

You do not have to be worried about water splashing on the floor or walls as everything is waterproof. This type of bathroom also helps utilize space more effectively as you do not have to devote space to a shower frame or other bathing items.

Develop A Bathroom Layout

Once you have decided on the type of bathroom, it is now time to create a layout. Creating a layout is as important as creating a budget as it gives you a visual representation of how the bathroom will look once it is complete. You should ask your contractor to create a layout on a design software for you to take a closer look.

It is often the case where homeowners leave this step entirely to the contractor or do not create a layout only to end up tearing down the walls later on. In addition to that, some homeowners keep the entire layout the same without realizing their existing bathroom layout is poor.

If you are remodeling the master bathroom, you will need to clear some space and utilize it the right way. This will make you realize that you were able to come up with space that you didn’t even know existed. And, this is exactly how you get to increase the overall value of your property just by working on a single bathroom.

Don’t Overlook Ventilation

Bathrooms are prone to dampness. Furthermore, they can even more damp if you live in a humid region. If you have a bathtub or shower installed in the bathroom, you are going to need ventilation. This is to help prevent mold growth. The best way to add ventilation is by installing exhaust fans.

Windows are another option but you cannot open them in the winter. Plus, they can also become an entry point for rats, lizards, and other unwanted guests.

Ventilation is important to consider for kitchen remodeling Port Jefferson as well because kitchen is also prone to dampness.

Consider The Lighting

Lighting is yet another factor that remains ignored in a lot of remodeling projects. The bad thing about bad lighting is that it will make your newly remodeled master bathroom look ugly even after putting in so much money, time, and effort.

When it comes to bathroom lighting, you can choose natural and artificial lighting. The best option would be a balance of both. Natural light entering your washroom will not only help you save electricity but also give a true representation of your skin tone and color.

On the other hand, artificial lights will come into use as soon as the sun sets in. You can use warm or bright LED lights depending on your preference. If you are someone who likes to spend their time relaxing in the bathtub, warm-colored lights will be the best choice. Otherwise, bright colored lights will always give a welcoming feel to the place.

Choose Durable Bathroom Materials

Bathrooms endure a lot of wear daily. From the temperature swings to humidity changes, your bathroom should be able to withstand such extreme conditions. This is why it is important to choose durable bathroom materials so that they not only last longer but also make your money worth it.

When choosing bathroom materials, make sure they are properly tested and rated for bathroom use. Not every type of wood or tile can withstand humidity and temperature fluctuations. At the same time, repair or replace any plumbing or electrical items as well to prevent any mishaps in the future.


Remember, remodeling is a time-consuming process and will need a bit of research and effort to pull it off. So, hire the right bathroom remodeling contractor Port Jefferson and ask the right questions to get the best suggestions so that you get the master bathroom remodeled exactly as you want.

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