Five strange incidents from the past which occurred at the wedding parties

The wedding day is one of the most critical days in a person’s life. Ever since the fixation of the wedding date, people start planning how to make the day grand from all aspects, from selecting the venue to preparing the guest list or choosing the buffet and bar service, hiring a party rental company, picking the best costumes everything becomes so crucial on a special day,

What exactly may go wrong?

You might have been dreaming of your big day a lot. But you never know when one of the guests may get drunk and create a scene or even the flower girl may throw a fit right before walking down the aisle. Things might get worse anytime, and beyond your control!

Five weirdest of wedding party incidents from the past

Many people in the United States have some of the wildest wedding party stories, but by no means at all, they have a kind of monopoly on it. Too many people also across the world have such stories to share. Below are some weird wedding party stories from all over the world.

  • A series of mishaps

Mishaps kept on taking place in the wedding ceremony of an American couple. A page boy turned all blue and immediately collapsed in front of the bride. Then the groom’s mother collapsed all of a sudden during the wedding photo session. After that, one of the guests received a text message with the sad news that his father had passed away. All these were not enough to make the wedding terrible. At their reception, the couple’s little son’s head got injured after a glass cover knocked down on him. Some hours later their daughter cut her head open.

  • Deck collapsed dropping people in a muddy lake

A wedding couple along with 80 guests including a baby collapsed into a muddy lake when the wooden deck they all were standing on collapsed. Stunned bystanders immediately jumped into the water and helped the guests. Fortunately, only one guest got slightly hurt, and the rest were fine.

  • Registrar denied continuing with the ceremony

A bride lightheartedly replied ‘I don’t’ in her wedding, and the Father immediately denied going ahead with the ceremony. As per an Austrian law of preventing forced weddings if either party answers negatively, the marriage gets canceled and can only be rescheduled after ten weeks. Therefore, the entire ceremony had to be called off, and the guests were requested to return home.

  • Groom set the reception hotel on fire

A groom in Japan set the party tent rental NY of the reception hotel on fire to avoid the wedding ceremony. Since he was already married, he wasn’t willing to get married again. Instead of saying ‘No,’ he chose to commit this horrible crime! Thankfully, nobody was hurt in the incident of setting the hotel on fire.

  • Bride brought down a plane

An Italian couple had hired a micro-light airplane to merely fly past and drop the bouquet of flowers on the women guests. But unfortunately, the flowers got stuck in the plane’s engine and caused it to crash catching fire. The aircraft hit a hostel, but luckily, everyone was safe except for one passenger.

Even after a lot of plans, things may go wrong anytime on your wedding day. Real life hardly always offers people the luxury to experience a fairytale wedding!

Outside Games for Kid’s Birthday Party

Are you planning to organize an outdoor kids party, here are some fun game ideas. Whether you have the party in the backyard, park or in the beach, these fun games are timeless can make your kids outdoor party a big hit. These ideas work for picnic parties with family reunions, friends or other social gatherings.

Moon Bounce

The first and foremost outdoor game for kids includes the moon bounce where kids can go to enjoy. You can simply get renting a moon bounce close to your location or if it provides the mobile facility, it can serve you to your backyard and in a close-by park.

Before renting a moon bounce, it is wise to search, which type of equipments it has and whether it is safe enough for your kids.

Popcorn Drop

It is a relay race and really enjoyable for kids to play this game. It includes about 4 to 8 players in this game. It needs to prepare the shoe cups with its two pairs.

The plastic cups are provided with holes. In this game, players are divided into two teams. A team will get the win when it gets the popcorn bag empty.

Silly Sack Race

This kid’s game helps them feel energized for party mood. This game makes kids laugh a lot. Garnish plain potato sacks that can suit the party theme. Use iron or fabric glue to stick shapes to the sacks.

Give a potato sack to each child. At the opening point, have kids bound to a marked path and keep the path clean.

Clothes Pin Tag

It is quite an easy fun game. In this game, each kid is provided with decorated clothes pin on his back with craft foam, Googly eyes or markers.

In this game, kids have to snatch the pins of others clothes and be ensure that you do not lose yours. A kid with more clothes pins at the end wins.

Disk Tic-Tac-Toe

Tic-Tac-Toe is considered as the best for kid’s outdoor birthday party. A shower curtain and flying disks make it a fun party game. You can use duct tape to block any space on curtain liner. Use different color for teams to easily differentiate them.

Players have to stand behind the throw line and follow the tic-tac-toe rules. If your disk puts off in a pre-occupied square, you can throw it again.

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Bugs and bark, dandelions and dried leaves, pinecones and pebbles that kids like to adore in outdoor activity. Organize the kid’s party in the outdoors with the nature scavenger hunt.

Equip a team or child with a treasure box, bag or a list. You can offer tools including binoculars, disposable cameras, and magnifying glasses to get the close observation. Fix a time limit and put teams to explore. Display what kid’s finds till party continues. It would be more cheering to offer prizes, if any team of kid complete his / she ‘list to explore’.

Birthday Tip

Do the research well to ensure that kid’s outdoor party is challenging and enjoyable to the kids. You can also get the search online for more tips and ideas.