Getting new customer is important for every business. Many companies face this problem when they fail to get more customers to boost their sales. We have created this guide for the companies. Our focus will be on how reviews can bring you more customers and why reviews are important for a business.

Why Customer Reviews Are Valuable for a Business?

Here below are some statistics and facts that prove why reviews are valuable for a business and why use of best review management software is important. You should use an online review generator for customer reviews and to manage them.

  1. 68% Millennials trust online customer reviews when it comes to buying anything.
  2. Studies proved that reviews on a website can improve business sales up to 18%.
  3. There are 133% higher conversion rate chances if users manage to view and read natural customer reviews.
  4. Customer reviews are 12 times more trusted than product descriptions by the manufacturers.
  5. Experts believe negative reviews can also improve your sales as they create buzz about the brand and more people know about it.
  6. When it comes to Google SERP ranking, customer reviews contribute to 10%.
  7. 50 or more reviews means a product has 5% more chances to get sold.
  8. For every star in reviews, there is 5-9% increase in the sales.
  9. 72% customer revealed positive reviews make them trust a business or brand.
  10. 22% people will not buy a product after reading just one negative review about it.
  11. 86% people hesitate to purchase from a brand that has negative online reviews.

How Reviews Can Get Your New Customers?

  1. Social Purchases

Getting customer reviews is not difficult and you can use the best review management software for your business. The customer reviews are really helpful to improve social sales and get more customers. The reviews on social pages are reviewed by the users and they decide on the basis of reviews to buy products. Every business should get more reviews on social sites in order to get more customers.

  1. Make Business More Visible

The customer reviews give the business more visibility across different platforms – an online review generator can do it for you. If we talk about social media, the reviews are shared by other people. If there is something unique and amazing about the products or business, it receives more response from the potential audience and the brand becomes viral instantly. Even the negative reviews help improve sales as they get more people talk about the brand.

  1. Make Brands Trustworthy

We shared the stats in the first section where users revealed the positive reviews make them think the brand is reliable and trustworthy. The trust of potential customers increases with a brand and they are more likely to buy their products. Apart from that, the brands manage to become more popular as trusted brands and more people love to buy their products or get services.

  1. Increase Business Conversation

Twitter shows when people are talking about a story or news. The same goes with customer reviews as they make people talk about a business. Think of the competitive edge an online review generator can give you in this scenario. The customers and people even refer to a reliable and quality brand when they deal with their competitors. For example, when a user buys something online and asks about price, and other details- they do refer another brand if there is price difference.

  1. Impact on Sales

With positive reviews, the companies can boost their sales up to 18% whereas a single negative review costs a business 30 customers. These stats speak louder about the significance of the customer reviews. Every business should invest and focus more on the customer reviews.

More Ways to Get More Customers

We learned how reviews can help a brand get more customers. Now we will talk about some other ways that are really helpful when it comes to getting more customers.

  1. Build relationships with the customer if you want to retain them and get more customers.
  2. The businesses should use the customers to get them customers. There should customer referral groups to bring new potential clients.
  3. The network expansion is inevitable for every business if it is serious about getting new customers.
  4. Relevant events should be held to gather audience and spread the word.
  5. There must be calls to action features on a business website that can engage the customers.
  6. Free trials, bonuses, incentives and promotions are the best options to increase customer base.
  7. Use of review management companies as it aids in taking and managing customer feedback.

Unless other cars that you simply use to run errands and go to work with, a BMW is a machine to be proud of as it demonstrates elegance. Due to this, it’s paramount that you take good care of it. To help you out, here are some of the ways in which you can take care of your car as given by BMW specialist:


This is the heart of the car and you need to take good care of it to ensure that your vehicle is performing at top condition. You should note that even a small problem in the engine can result in big problems. For you to be safe you should have your engine checked a few times a year by a reputable professional.

During the inspection, you should also ensure that the transmission is also checked.


You not only use the brakes for stopping, but also for your safety. BMW experts recommend that you flush your brake system at least once every two years. This is to get rid of contaminated brake fluid that might have absorbed moisture from the air.

In addition to flushing the system, you also should regularly have the brakes adjusted by a reputable BMW mechanic. The mechanic should inspect the brake pads and fix them if dirty or worn out.


The BMW tires not only get you where you are going, they also play a vital role in keeping you safe and reduce the amount of fuel that your car consumes. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, tires that are underinflated are 25% more likely to cause accidents.

For you to be safe you should ensure that your tires are properly inflated all the time. This calls for you to check the tire pressure at least once a week. If the pressure is low, you should add more.

You also should rotate the tires regularly. Tire rotation simply means moving them from one side of the car to the other. When you do this you ensure that they wear out evenly.


These are some of the ways in which you take good care of your BMW car. For you to ensure that your car is in good working condition all the time you should regularly take it to a reputable and certified local BMW repair shop. The mechanics will inspect it and if it has any issues, fix them.

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the entire United States. Both boys and girls take basketball training to play professional basketball. Many girls and boys are dubious, whether they should join school basketball team or not. Well, school basketball team will not only give you immense pleasure but also help you to pick up some great life skills!

What are the benefits of joining school basketball team?

The school days are the most important days of the life. Everything you do in the school will craft out your future. If you get good grades in schools, you will be able to get the kind of job you desire. Similarly, if you play sports like basketball, you are going to get fit, healthy, and physically skilled ready…. And you never know, you may also become the next NBA star!!

There are many benefits of joining high school basketball team, such as:

  • You can develop leadership skills.
  • You get chance to meet likeminded people.
  • Sports team can perk up communication skills.
  • You can learn sportsmen spirit.
  • You will understand power of teamwork.
  • High school team will open career opportunities in basketball.
  • You can get sport scholarship for college.

These are the apparent benefits of joining high school basketball team. Above all, school basketball team will develop your personality and make you a better person.

Easy Tips To Get Into The Basketball Team

Everyone is not equally talented and lucky to get into the high school basketball team. In order to make your place in the basketball team, you will have to develop basketball skills first. You need to learn basketball basics like ball handling, dribbling, passing, jumping etc. and after learning all these skills, you will have to excel in these skills.

If you are really interested in learning basketball skills and making into the high school basketball team, then you can join high school basketball camps to learn and excel into basketball. In basketball camps, professional basketball coaches will train you from the beginning.

You can find many good basketball camps that provide off season basketball training facilities. You should opt for the best camp to get best training.

Improve your performance on the basketball court!

Undoubtedly, basketball has evolved over the past 20 years. Players are getting stronger, faster, bigger and more powerful. The basketball training has become much more physical. As the basketball has become more physically demanding, the chances of occurrence of injuries have also increased. Some players can jump too high to score basket, but cannot land without injuring their knees! Not just basketball players even many elite-level athletes lack core stability. In order to perform better, players need to use right techniques to decrease the risk of injuries, because fit, healthy and consistent players can aid their team in winning the game.

How to improve your strength and power for basketball

Core strength is the vital ingredient in the basketball game. If basketball players can improve their core strength in an efficient, productive, safe and practical manner, they can improve their on-court performance to a great extent.

Core strength help basketball players to jump higher and land safer, run faster and basket better. Only a physically and mentally powerful player can manage to make right moves on the basketball court.

Strength Training for Basketball

Basketball players should include strength training in their routine. This training will help them to get the kind of physical fitness which is needed to play basketball. The below mentioned tips can help you in improving your strength for the basketball game:

  • Practice weight training using high intensity training principles. Weight training will boost your power level. You will feel more energetic throughout the basketball lessons.
  • Try stretching and full range of motion exercises thrice in a week. These exercises will not only help you in gaining core strength but also improve the flexibility of your body.
  • Practice specific basketball skill for countless hours. Try this once in a week. This training ambidextrously develops strength in you and burnishes your basketball skill. Thus, you will gain skill proficiency as well as strength.

Follow sensible nutritional plan. In order to stay energetic on the basketball court, you will have to get correct body weight. The access body fat will make you feel exhausted and steals your agility. You can eat more but you have to eat healthy.

There is an alarming increase in the number of cyber crimes happening all over the world, with virtually all businesses exposed to different risks of cyber security as revealed by a recent study. In fact, there are many businesses which experienced some form of cyber attack and with no comprehensive online security, most of them end up suffering as a result with reduced customer trust or worse, an actual theft of personal information and money.

What is This Cyber security All About?

Cybersecurity encompasses the processes, practices, and technologies which are put in place to offer protection from cyber attacks which are meant to cause harm against the network system or get hold of data with no authorization.

The very best types of cybersecurity for your business will provide an extensive solution to protect against an extensive array of problems. It is ideal for your solution to include an anti-virus, firewall, wireless security, online content filtration, and anti-spam.

Online Security Protects Your Business in an Effective Way

There are many things from which your business can stay protected from with the help of online security:

  • Ransoware – Ransomware is the kind of malicious software which is meant to withhold access to the computer system of a business or individual until an amount of cash has been paid.
  • Adware – Adware is a type of computer virus that will fill your computers with ads and is a relatively common kind of cyber attack. Most of the time, adware also allows other forms of viruses to enter your system once you have accidentally clicked them.
  • Spyware – Spyware is the type of cyber infection that has been mean to spy on all the computer actions you make then relay this data back to the cyber criminals.

The finest and highest quality of online security will be able to help prevent all these forms of viruses from wreaking havoc. It can also guarantee that your pertinent data will remain confidential and private within the workplace and will not be compromised in any way.

Strategic and intelligent collaboration, investment, and implementation will help pave the way for a more harmonious cyber ecosystem which strictly adheres to all standards and policies. This can then solidify the safe advancement of several of the most influential forms of technologies that are emerging in this time. Proactive and innovative approaches to rendering protection to valuable devices and data can go a very long way to not just appease consumers but at the same time, to simultaneously offer new value of companies beyond their services and products.

Are you interested in starting some online business during the next year?  If so are you doing search for easy and profitable business options for the coming year? Then, you are now reading the right article as I am going to explain a few new online businesses that can be started without much investment in 2018 and become a successful business entrepreneur.

Start a blog

If you are ready to spare 1 hour per week and spend around $20, you will be able to launch a blog and become a successful blogger earning a good sum of money within a short period of say three or four months to an year or so.  Interesting content can be found in sites like or Fetch the article that is more appropriate to your tastes and rewrite it and post it in your blog. You can also modify or decorate the content according to your taste so that more people are attracted to it. There are real success stories of blogs which were written by hired writers who copied content from other sites and re wrote it according to the instructions given to them.  There are success stories of some blogs which came into existence like this, being sold out for large amounts.  Some such blogs are now making at an average $500+ per month. A blog that gets a page view of 30 K per month can give you substantial income by using adsense.

Start affiliate marketing

If you are new to online business and do not have much money to invest then affiliate marketing is the most suitable online business activity for you. It is very simple and is not complicated as it seems like. I will explain it in few words. Suppose you are interested in furniture and wants to do business in this field. Go to a furniture shop near you and explain the owner about your intention to start affiliate marketing. If he is convinced about your potential in doing this business enter into a contract with him. Now you can market the product through your own blog or site or through other platforms. When the proposed buyer clicks the link for buying, automatic intimation comes to you as well as your business partner. The partner sends the product through courier after receiving the price and you get about 5 % of the purchase value as your commission. There are wonderful stories of persons who have made $120,000 per month through affiliate marketing. If you cannot make that much, you can at least get your livelihood from this.

When you are looking to have an outdoor event you need to rent a party tent. The cool thing is that all you need to do is to visit your local tent rentals and place your order.

Types of party tents

There are many types of party tents in the market that you can go for. You only need to find the right ones for you and place your order. The most common ones are:

Pole tents: From its name, the pole tent is supported by a number of poles that create, mountain-like peaks along the top of the tent. When using the tents, you need to place them over grass. Due to this, you can’t use it over hard surfaces such as concrete.

If you need the pole tent, you should pay close attention to the high ceilings and positioning of the poles when plotting the seating arrangements and decorations. You should arrange the chairs in such a way that you don’t obstruct the guests from seeing what is going on.

When it comes to the decorations, you should garnish them with flowers, lights and other decorations that you might want. You can also use these materials as general markers to divide your wedding area.

Frame tent: The cool thing with a frame tent is that you can place it on a variety of surfaces such as decks, pavements, and grass. Unlike the pole tents that require center poles for stability, these units only need stakes that cut through the interior space of the tent supporting the tent. Since there are no poles, there is no obstruction of the party layout.

Tips to consider when renting the party tents

For you to get the most from the party tents, you need to rent the right ones. One of the factors that you should consider when renting is the design of the party tent. Does the tent match the theme of your event? It should.

You also should consider the size of the tent. The more the guests you expect in your event, the larger the tent you should go for and vice versa.

You also need to consider the quality of the party tent. Different party tent rentals stock different party tents. To give your party the look it deserves you should rent a high-quality tent. You can increase your chances of doing so by renting from reputable party rentals.

According to spine and back doctors, back pain is one of the most common types of pain in most people. In fact, some people have the belief that they can’t live without the pain.

You should note that it’s possible to live a pain-free life by avoiding the factors that put you at the risk of hurting yourself. To help you out, here are some of the things that you should avoid doing:

Failing to train properly

If you are like most people, you get free time during the weekends. Most of the people opt to hit the gym or go to the playing field. This puts you at more risk of hurting yourself as you are doing something that you aren’t used to.

Many people have reported injuries when playing basketball, golf, and even football. For you to avoid hurting yourself you should make a habit of exercising a few times within the week before you get on the field.

If you can’t get time to do it, you should always stretch before you start the game. This has been shown to greatly strengthen the core muscles thus keeping your back in stable position.

Lifting in poor posture

Lifting objects in poor posture is one of the leading causes of back pain in people working in factors and other areas that require them to keep on lifting heavy objects.

As you might have guessed, the key to avoiding hurting yourself when lifting is to ensure that you are in the right posture.

When lifting, you should bend your knees and keep your back straight. Orthopedic doctors recommend that you keep the objects as close to you as possible. You shouldn’t twist, pivot, or turn when lifting.

Regardless of how much you need to move an object, you shouldn’t move one that is more than 20% of your body weight.

Failing to pay attention when lifting

You can get away with walking around the house absent-minded but you might not get away with it when lifting heavy objects. For you to avoid hurting yourself you should always be focused when lifting. If you find yourself lifting without thinking about it, you should stop and pay attention.


These are some of the things that can damage your back. For you to be on the safe side you should always be mindful when lifting. In the event you hurt yourself, visit a reputable back pain doctor to help you in diagnosing the problem and fixing it.

The refrigerator, just like any other unit you have in your place of work, develops problems. Here are some of the most common refrigerator problems as given by commercial appliances repair professionals:

Failure of the refrigerator to cool

The reason why you have the fridge in the first place is that you want to cool the food; therefore, if it isn’t cooling it, it’s not doing its work. For the unit to cool the food, it must be working at a temperature of between 38 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

When the unit isn’t cool enough or it’s giving off warm air instead, you should check the thermometer and adjust the thermostat accordingly. If this doesn’t fix the problem, check whether the fan is running. You also should check the condenser coils and even try defrosting the unit.

If you do all this and the problem doesn’t go away, it’s time to hire a commercial appliances technician to help you out.

Leaking of the refrigerator

This is a very common problem and it comes about due to various reasons. If your unit has a water dispenser, it might be leaking because the lines of the dispenser are broken. To fix the problem you need to replace the lines with new ones.

The refrigerator might also leak when the defrost tray or drain pan has holes in it. If there are holes, try fixing them. Expert appliance repair professionals also recommend that you try cleaning the drain tube. It’s usually located on the floor of the refrigerator or at the back, on top of the wall. It all depends on the design of your unit.

For you to clean the unit you only need to use a turkey baster and half a gallon of hot water.

Loud noise coming from the refrigerator

Your refrigerator should always function quietly; therefore, if it’s making any type of noise, it definitely has an issue that you should fix as soon as possible. If the noise is coming from the inside of the unit, the fan is most likely the one that is causing it.

The fan will make noisy chirping, groaning, and even squealing sounds. To fix the issues you should open the door and check the condition of the fan.


These are some of the most common refrigerator problems and how to fix them. In the event you try fixing the problems without success, you should seek the services of commercial refrigerators services providers. As rule of thumb ensure that the service providers are certified and experienced enough.

If you have space, you should consider putting up a patio in your home. All you need to do is hire patio builders who will help you with the work. For you to have a great time construction the unit, you need to consider a number of tips that include:

The pattern of the house

Since you will be constructing the patio around the house design, you should pay close attention to how your house looks. As rule of thumb, choose a design that complements the look of the house.

You should get ideas on the materials that you have used in constructing the house. You can also take into account the architectural details of the house when you are making your choice.

If you aren’t sure of how to go about it, get the input of patio experts.


You can use a wide range of materials to construct the patio. Some of the materials that you can use include: cement, wood, stones, and even pavers. Your choice of the materials depends on a number of factors such as budget, availability, and design of the house.

As rule of thumb, choose materials that are within your budget and greatly contribute to the look of your house.


How are you planning to use the patio? You should explain to the patio design company how you are planning to use the patio so that the company can guide you on how to design it properly. If you are considering using it for entertainment where you will be having parties, you should build a unit that is large enough.

On the other hand, if you will be using the unit for relaxing with your family, there is no point of spending a lot of money constructing a large unit. Work with your masonry contractor and build a small unit.


Who do you want to construct the patio? You should know that the patio is as good as the constructor you hire; therefore, you should ensure that you hire the most reputable professional. One of the important factors to consider is the experience. Ensure that the contractor has constructed similar patios before.


These are some of the factors that you should consider when constructing a patio. After constructing it, you should remember to light it up. This calls for you to work with your patio contractors and install lights around the unit.

A house is a serious investment, and you need to get it right to avoid wasting your money. To have an easy time, it’s wise that you work with a Buyer’s agent to help you through the process. In addition to hiring the right buyer’s agent, you also need to consider a number of factors for you to buy the right home. Some of these factors include:

Type of house

What type of house are you interested in? There are many types of homes on the market that you can go for. Some of the most common ones being:

Multifamily homes: These are ideal for you if you are just getting started and this is the first time that you are buying a house. The cool thing with a multifamily house is that it gives you rental income which helps you in paying your mortgage.

Condominiums: The condo gives you the benefit of owning a unit and also a percentage of the “common elements” such as a sidewalk, roof, and others.

Co-ops: Here you buy shares in a corporation that owns a building and receive a lease to your place. When making the monthly payments, you will pay your share and overall mortgage.

You should discuss with your partner and agent and settle on the right type of house for your needs.

Size of your family

This is crucial. How big is your family? If you have a few kids, live with your parents, and have a few pets, you should get a large house that will fit all of the members. On the other hand, if you are single and aren’t looking to start a family soon, you shouldn’t waste a lot of space buying a large house—a small one is enough.


Different people have different requirements. When buying the unit, you should buy one that is close to the amenities that are important to you and your family. For example, buy a house that is close to a church, hospital, or school.

In addition to the amenities, also consider the by-laws that apply to the property. If you can’t interpret them, get an expert to help you out.


These are some of the factors that you should consider when buying a house. A real estate agent is of great importance when buying the house; therefore, ensure that you hire the most reputable.