People choose hair extensions in salon when they want to cover their baldness or volumize their hair. Just so you know there are so many types of hair extensions being sold in the market, and it’s not a piece of cake to buy the right kind.

If you know these things, you can save yourself from buying low-quality and cheap hair extensions.

Check if the strands look properly mixed

Salons selling high quality highlights pick each strand on their own and compile it, hence, it looks like properly mixed. Same is not the case with people selling fake or low-quality hair. Try to examine it by yourself and if you fail to do so, ask someone around. If that salesperson’s answer satisfies you, go ahead and purchase it but if their answer looks a bit wishy-washy, refrain from buying extensions from them.

Low-quality extensions usually don’t have even ends

Before buying extensions, you should put them through several tests to conclude whether it’s worth buying or not. Low quality extensions at times have uneven ends, and every single cuticle is not in the same direction – that’s when you should be alert that you’re going after the wrong item. If you have already decided to buy hair extensions with ends unleveled, withdraw from it.

High-quality extensions are generally packaged in a vacuum sealed bag.

Packaging says a lot about the quality of extensions. People often undermine this aspect while examining extensions before making a purchase, but it literally speaks volumes about the quality of extensions. High-quality extensions usually come in the packaging of a vacuum-sealed bag. If the packaging doesn’t appeal to you, you should probably never go ahead and buy it. Or else, you might regret it later.

Low-quality extensions are being sold for peanuts

Money matters. If you want to buy hair extensions possessing good quality, you should be ready to spend a good sum. If you act like a miser and try to save yourself money, there’s a great chance you would end up buying something substandard. There are various salons selling fake or synthetic hair extensions for peanuts; human hair extensions cannot be bought for a few bucks. Be willing to lose some of your savings if you want to purchase something worth wearing.

Do the burn test to deduce whether it’s real or fake

Try to cut a small and thin strand from the extension if the salonist allows you to, and set it to fire. If it was made of human hair, it will immediately turn into ashes but if it was a piece of synthetic hair, it will start circling off. It’s one of the most successful ways to find out whether it’s human hair extensions or synthetic hair extensions. It’s not going to be easy to convince the salonist for this test but it’s totally worth all the haggling.

Try to test it using bleach

Bleach can help you shed your worries a little. Human hair tends to catch a lighter shade way too quickly if bleach is applied on it whereas synthetic hair does not become light at the same pace, it takes a little longer vis-a-vis human hair. Here’s one more clever way to differentiate between real and fake hair extensions. Try it but with the consent of the salonist owning up to those extensions.

Rub it against your skin to measure how soft it is

Human hair is usually softer than synthetic hair. A mild touch can unveil the reality right before you. Just try to feel it against your skin and its level of softness will help you discover whether it’s fake or real. You can even compare a bunch of them, and whichever feels the softest, you just bag it.

Fake hair extensions are kind of stiff as compared to human hair

If you have ever spotted fake hair extensions in the market, you would be aware that it’s kind of stiff and you cannot roll it up. If you force it to turn and twist, it is likely to start breaking. Human hair extensions Rockville, on the other hand, are quite flexible and do not break this easy. Keep this thing in mind when you’re out there to shop hair extensions.

Swimming pools were once a thing of luxury only meant for the rich people. They used to be outside the reach of a middle class family. But things have changed a lot now, and every other household is allocating their budget to get a decent swimming pool that fits in their house and there are swimming pool builders who construct a good pool on budget. Moreover, personalized swimming pools are getting more common these days.

Swimming pools are a necessary thing these days if you want to relax for a while by remaining inside your house. It is an investment that will enhance your house’s value.

Here is how you can set your budget to make a swimming pool in your property.

See How Much You Can Spend

Take a look at your budget, and see if you can afford to make a outdoor swimming pool or you will need financing. You can get financing from a reputable contractor providing services in your area. The financing options are usually flexible with flexible payoff times.

Keep in mind that the expenses can add up pretty quickly when you are getting a swimming pool made inside your property. There are also some legal requirements that you must follow. You will have to pay extra for pathways and lighting and other things as well.

Have Different Options

When you are planning to make a swimming pool, you have countless options to choose from. Once you get in contact with a contractor and tell them your budget and needs, they will be able to provide you with a list of all the available options that you’ll be able to choose from. Also, you should ask your contractor about the costly things that can be excluded without much effect to your pool experience.

Coming up with alternatives can always help you in decreasing the price of your pool while enjoying the same benefits as a premium one. There will also be certain points during the project when your decision will be needed. Always try to explore different options in order to fit the whole project in your budget.

Take A Look At The Laws

The first thing you should do before making a plan for your pool project is taking a look at the local laws concerning the pool’s construction. You must satisfy all the local and federal laws in order to stay away from any troubles. Every state and county has its own laws about the construction of swimming pools, so, make sure you comply with all of those.

You can easily avoid going against the law by hiring a licensed pool contractor providing their services in your locality. Since they work in the same area for years, they know about all the legal nitty-gritties of the whole process. These legal requirements can affect your pool construction budget as well.

Determine The Size

Measuring the actual size of your yard can help you a lot in determining how much of your yard you are willing to convert into a swimming pool. You can also exclude the patios and any other unusable areas in the yard.

After measuring the yard accurately, you can select the right size and shape for your swimming pool. This helps you decide the exact location of the pool and can also help you in deciding the overall budget. This often leads straight to the excavation process that marks the official start of your swimming pool project. The excavation process itself can be quite challenging especially if you live in a hilly area with lots of bedrock in the ground. So, considering the size of your yard beforehand can let you explore different options when it comes to making the dream swimming pool you always wanted.

Consider How You Will Be Using It

How you plan to use your pool can also have a huge impact on the initial budget you will need for the project. Small round shaped and swallow pools are great for children, and often cost lead money. However, not everyone idealized those small pools.

That is where your personal choices come in. They will determine the budget that you will need to make in order to get the pool and features that you always wanted. Also, talk with pool contractors Long Island to see how much money your project would cost.

Freezers are one of the most used appliances in our houses. Since they are used heavily, they can often get out of order. Additionally, your freezer might even start over freezing everything you put into it.

Do not worry, as you can apply a couple of easy fixes to do refrigerator ice maker repair. Here are some fixes that you can personally try.

Check The Thermostat

If you have no frost settings applied on your freezer but it is still freezing, the first freezer troubleshooting you should do is to check its thermostat and see if it is frozen. Your freezer should have a heater to heat and keep the coils defrosted all the time. The thermostat is responsible for operating this heater.

To see if there are any errors in the thermostat, you can check it with the help of a multimeter. If the results are not okay, you might need to defrost, or even replace the thermostat.

The Problem Might Be With The Door Lid

A faulty or broken door lid can also be the cause of frost in your freezer. If the door lid is loose due to any reason, it will let the warm air from the outside come in, and this often leads to frosting inside the freezer.

When there is frost on the coils, it will make the compressor work harder, which, in turn, will lead to more over freezing. Usually, the gasket leaks are easy to detect as the frost is around the area where the leak is. Inspect the door lid gasket closely in this case, and replace it if you find any signs of leaks or damage.

Check The Defrost Timer As well

Excessive frost in your frost free freezer can also be a because of a faulty defrost timer. All the defrost freezers have a defrost heater that prevents over freezing by supplying heat to the system. Defrost timer is responsible for triggering the heater and turning it off on time.

If the defrost timer does not work properly, it can cause the compressor to keep running and eventually start frosting the system. However, you can always turn the defrost timer on manually to defrost the system. If doing this solves the problem, try replacing the defrost time as it might be the faulty part.

It Might Be A Failed Sensor

If this seems to be the problem, you will need to access the sensor. This will depend on the model of your freezer. Any damage on the sensor can be checked by having a brief look.

Sensor of the fridge can be checked by a multimeter, and if the device does not show a reading, you will have to replace the faulty sensor.

If you need a replacement, finding a sensor for your freezer model should be easy, especially if it is a newer model. Also, if you do not know how to use a multimeter, you can find some useful tutorials online.

Regular Defrosting

Frosting is usually a common issue with many freezers. The frozen ice causes the door to not close properly and will cause the appliance to consume more energy.

Finding the cause of this frosting is usually easy if you follow the guide effectively. This way, you will be able to restore the functionality of your freezer.

To prevent this from happening, make sure that you seal the door properly, you can also replace the door seal/gasket if required. You can also regularly defrost your freezer to restore its full cooling potential.

If The Evaporator Is Iced Up

The evaporator can also frost up when there is any issue with the freezer’s operating system.

If this is happening, you can check to see if the compressor is working properly. Remove the cover to see if the evaporator is iced up. You can check for the possible fixes if this seems to be the problem with your freezer.

These were some fixes that are easy to apply. However, if you cannot see any improvement in the situation after trying these, you should get the help of a professional refrigerator repair Springfield technician to get the issue fixed. Remember that the freezer is just like any other appliance, and can show some faults over time.

For a lot of people, divorce and separation sound almost the same. People do not understand the difference between the two terms. It may look like the same thing, but in reality, divorce and separation or two completely different things. A good family attorney will be able to guide you with both.

For a lot of couples, this is the sad reality that they sometimes need in order to move on with their lives. In order to figure out which is better for you, you need to understand both these things in depth. Research both these terms and then you can decide which option is better for you. The following article will help you understand the difference between a divorce and separation in detail.

What is a divorce?

When a married couple decides to end their marriage, that is called a divorce. This means that they will no longer stay married or wish to remain so. Then they submit their divorce papers to the court. A divorce is only considered legal when it is terminated by a court. Many people choose to reconcile later after getting divorced.

Until they remarry, they will stay divorced. there are six different types of divorces called uncontested divorce, contested divorce, no-fault divorce, fault divorce, default divorce and summary divorce. An uncontested divorce is where the couple separates their debts and assets on their own.

Contested divorce is when a couple comes to a settlement with the help of a lawyer. In a no-fault divorce, neither spouse is at fault for the breakdown of the marriage while in a fault divorce, one partner believes that the divorce is due to the other’s fault. Default divorce is when one partner files for a divorce but the other is not involved. Summary divorce is when a couple can get divorced quickly and easily, often without a lawyer.

What is a separation?

A separation, as the name suggests, is when a married couple chooses to separate. Separation can be either short term or long term. In a separation, they can separate their debts, responsibilities, assets etc. without getting a formal divorce. If the couple decides to separate, they are still legally married. However, they are living separately. A separated couple lives separately. They can choose to live separately in the same house or in different residents. Some separated couple also proceed on with a separation agreement that decides how each asset, responsibility etc. will be divided. A legal separation does not necessarily require any paperwork that needs to be submitted to the court unlike legal divorce.

There are three different types of separations namely trial separation, permanent separation and legal separation. Trial separation is when a couple only separated temporarily. Once the trial period is over, they can choose to either separated permanently, get divorced or reconcile. A permanent separation is when is when a couple separates permanently. This means they do not wish to reconcile in the future. However, you can choose to divorce in the future. A legal separation is when a couple is separated but cannot remarry without getting divorced first.

What should you get?

Separation is for couples who are unsure about ending their marriage or who still wish to legally remain married without any interference. They get the same benefits as a married couple. On the other hand, divorce is for couple who wish to legally dissolve their marriage.


Both separation and divorce are hard to deal with. You should explore your options and based on your situation, decide which is more suitable for you with the help of good family lawyers Fairfax VA. Your choice of a legal process will differ based on your situation. Before deciding, explore all your options in detail.

It is really hard to start a business online. But what is even harder is to promote it and try to get as much reviews for it as you can. The more reviews you get, the better will be for your business promotion. With that, a decent review generation software will do wonders for your business.

However, sometimes it can feel almost impossible to get as many reviews as the big business. But it is very much possible. All those big businesses started out small too. The only reason they are where they are today is because they had a strategy to get more reviews. And today, we are about to reveal that strategy to you. It will take time, patience and hard work, but you will get there.

Secrets to getting more online reviews

Here are the secrets to get more online reviews for your business.

Ask people to leave a good review

This may sound desperate to you at first, but it is not. Asking people to leave a good review is completely normal. Do not go around asking every single person you come across. That is not the aim at all here. The point is to ask your customers to leave a good review. People who have had some sort of an experience with your business are more than happy to leave a review for you.

You can not only remind your customers in person, but you can all also send them little reminders that do not annoy them. These reminders could be on your business card or at the bottom of the receipt. This is an extremely polite way of asking your customers to leave a review without getting on their nerves. This way, you are also doing good marketing of your business offline and hence, generating more customers.

Reply to every review you get, including bad ones

Your customers need to know you are there for them and paying attention to what they have to say. This includes bad reviews too. And you can only do that by engaging and interacting with them. One easy and great way to interact with your customers is to reply to all of their reviews.

Leave a heartfelt yet professional thank you reply under all the good reviews. However, good reviews are easy to deal with. The trouble comes with the bad reviews. The trouble is not that people left a bad review, that is inevitable. The problem arises with how you deal with it. Getting defensive will make your customers dislike you. Instead, what you have to do is reply in a calm and apologetic manner and sort out their problem. Moreover, ask people how you can improve your business, engagement etc. and consider their suggestions.

Pay attention to your customer service

People give good reviews when they like the business and the customer service. You need to pay special attention to customer service. If your customer service is bad, nothing will make your customers like you. Their direct experience with your business is in terms of the services you provide. This includes both the product/service you are giving and the customer service.

You can improve your customer service by sending your customers a personalized or handwritten thank you note with their order and by answering politely to all their concerns while shopping. Respond to their issues in a similar way, by apologizing and perhaps giving them a small gift or a discount to make up for their bad experience.


These are only few of the tips you can follow to increase online reviews for your business. However, these tips are extremely important. If you notice all the rapidly growing small business around you, they are all following these tips. With that, do not forget to use customer review software to enhance the review management process. This will save you plenty of time and resources.




Proper drainage system is the main factor of any house. In fact it is the whole thing. Imagine a beautifully built and furnished house with drain lines protruding or still water issues. However, there are many ways to solve the most common drainage issues and problems with or without drain cleaning services.

Overflowing Gutter

The most common drainage problem of every household is the gutter. Construction of the perfect and responsible gutter line is the foundation of any exterior part of the home. If this is not constructed well then it may cause many pipelines issues as well and reconstruction may create lots of problems. Heavy rainfall or any sorts of obstruction such as small and dead animals or birds, garbage and leaves and twigs may fall in the gutters which may cause the gutters to overflow causing the dirty water to enter the house.

The solution is to get your gutters cleaned on a regular basis. Also fix all the pipes and downspouts away from the structural setting of the house as the water may damage the property. If the pipes are facing the crops or plants if you have any then the direction should be turned away from them as well. Call in the experts to connect the downspouts to a drainage system if possible.

House On A Slope

If you are living in a place which has a slope or hillside then you are in for trouble. The neighbors’ water who are situated on the uphill or the higher side may travel down and collect or pool around your house. As a matter of fact it is no one’s fault this happens, the only solution for this is either you do not choose to live there or for solving the issue you should watch in which direction the water travels down to and then you can get a small berm or swale constructed. You can also get pipes constructed and turn the direction of the water towards a small body or water or a water dwelling or basin.

The Grading System

Sometimes the grading system of the residential area is not constructed up to standards which causes the water to pool around the house or cause it to enter your homes and basements. Over time the grading system of your house can even flatten which causes the water to get pooled around the house.

The solution for this is to get the grading issue fixed by calling in the professionals. If the grading issue cannot be fixed then the drain experts will recommend installation of a new drainage system.

Root Problems

Sometimes there is an invasion of roots inside the pipes which causes an obstruction in the drain pipes and blocks water towards drainage. This will lead to issues throughout your landscape, cause problems in soil, garden, backyard and plants. This will require a root cutting service and maintenance of all the roots but if the roots have completely invaded the pipes then replacement of pipes will be required. In areas where there are a lot of plants and trees then perforated pipes are used which are glued towards the ends to prevent the entrance and growth of roots in the pipes.


Flooding is a natural disaster and one that cannot be stopped. However you can surely solve the problem of flood water that leaks into your homes or that fills up your basement. You will need to construct and get an underground drain built or constructed which will collect all the water and prevent it from entering or flooding your house. A swale can also be built to direct water away from your house and property. Mostly a rocky or grassy swale mostly is built as it will blend with your property.

Depression Of The Landscape

If you notice standing water bodies in some parts of your soil while dry in other areas then it means that the surface has been depressed in some areas causing puddles of water. Installation of an underground drainage system can solve the problem.

A proper drainage system is the basic foundation of your property and landscape. When you are moving to a new house, then a good drainage system is an essential part. And if you are experiencing any drain problem, it’s best to use drain cleaning companies Tyarrytown for handling the issue.

Marble countertops are an amazing addition to your kitchen, but some people don’t want to install marble countertops, due to whatever reason. Maybe it’s too expensive for you, or you don’t want to look after marble too much, as it is a high maintenance stone. Well, here are some alternatives to marble countertops.

Quartz Countertops

Quartz is a great material for countertops. Quartz is literally defined as being the twin sister of marble. It is very hard to distinguish between the two, because they are so similar in color, pattern and feel. Quartz has the upper hand in comparison to marble, when it comes to strength, durability and maintenance.

Quartz, unlike marble, is a very strong material. It hardly breaks and the best thing about it is that, unlike most marble countertops where the tips and corners can easily crack and shatter, quartz can resist this and it is a great material to use for high human traffic in the kitchen. It is great with children and it can bear a lot of load.

Also, the maintenance and cleaning of quartz countertops is very easy. All you need is a simple washcloth and a simple cleaning solution, or it can be soap and water, and you can just wipe all of the stains and spills away. Cleaning a countertop has never been this easy, right? If you want to fool anyone into thinking that your quartz countertop is actually marble, then select a very muted and light color, similar to most marble colors. People will never know the difference.

Light Colored Granite Countertops

Granite is the stone of your dreams. A lot of people love granite as their countertop material, and you can even fake it to make the granite look like a marble countertop. All you have to do is, when selecting the color of granite, make sure you are going for muted and lighter colors, then it will be very easy to mimic an actual marble countertop.

Granite has similar veining and design as of marble and it’s so easy to replicate a granite slab to look like a marble slab. Granite is also more strong, durable and efficient than its marble counterpart.

Granite countertops last for years and they hardly ever need maintenance, aside from the fact that granite needs to be sealed because it is porous, in order to make it waterproof.

Other than this little task, you can get away with a light-colored granite, looking like a marble countertop. This option is best for people who have a good budget to spend on granite, because it is expensive, and those who want the durability of granite but the look of marble.

White Concrete Countertops

White concrete is also a great alternative to marble countertops. It is a very affordable choice to go for, if you want the look and luxury of marble, but not the hefty bill. White concrete is super strong, and it provides a touch of elegance and a smooth finish, just like a marble countertop would do. It also has the same veining design and it is almost impossible to spot a difference between marble and white concrete.

The best part about white concrete is that you can do it yourself very easily. You don’t need any professional countertop installer to do this task for you. If you are fond of doing things yourself, then this will be a great project to work on.

Neolith Countertops

Neolith is a slightly newer material in the countertop material, but it is a great choice. It is made up from a mixture of quartz, glass and porcelain to give it a slick and smooth finish. Neolith is the best of both worlds, because this material is lightweight and durable. It is also heat-resistant, which means you can put hot things on top of the countertop as well. it has a striking resemblance to white marble. The color range is also very wide. Neolith is becoming more and more popular among people now.

There you have it! Who says there is no alternative of marble countertops? You just have to be smart enough to do your research on it or you can also ask a countertop replacement Durham NC company.

Tree removal is a risky business, and unless you know what you are doing, avoid taking things into your hands and hire an expert tree cutting service to do it. Here are some common ways people who try to do it themselves mess up.

No Regard to Safety Gear

A lot of people go in to removing the tree on their lawn with no regard to safety. Proper gear is a must for a dangerous task like this.

Using a Chainsaw That Should Be Retired

In order to ensure the safety of you and your helper, the equipment you are using to fell a tree must be in proper order.

Addressing Everything Alone

Just like with every job that involves risk, at least two people are required to watch each other’s back when felling a tree as well. If you go at it alone, you are doing it wrong.

Just Winging It Due to Lack of Knowledge

A lot of people go into removing a tree on their lawn with no prior knowledge about what they are required to do. They believe they can just take care of things as it comes. This is the perfect recipe for disaster.

Leaning the Ladder Against a Tree

A large portion of injuries recorded every year with respect to tree felling are the result of leaning the ladder against the bark.

Not Refueling the Felling Equipment

Most chainsaws today are operated with gasoline, and if the fuel runs out while you are in the middle of tree cutting, it could spell disaster.

Losing Your Grip While Working the Saw

If you lose your grip on the saw while it is operating for even a second, chances are the recoil will make it fly out which is extremely dangerous to you and those around you.

Attempting to Bring Down a Rotten Tree

For any tree that is rotten to the core, you cannot be sure which way it will fall and when. This makes it extremely dangerous to even be near it, let alone attempt to bring it down.

Using a Dull Chainsaw

A chainsaw with dull teeth is not only inefficient at performing its job, there is also an increased risk of damaging the equipment due to excessive force being exerted to cut the tree.

Not Checking the Tension in the Chain Before Starting

If your chainsaw is too loose, it can straightaway fly off the bar, causing serious injury to you and the people around you. It can also permanently damage equipment.

Working Around Live Power Lines or Construction

It goes without saying the hazards involved with working around power lines as well as the risk of property damage if the tree falls on it.

Cutting in the Kickback Zone

Located near the top half of the bar’s tip, the kickback zone must never come into contact with anything while the chain is moving or the saw will recoil towards you.

Pinching the Saw

Once the tree has fallen, you will obviously need to cut it into smaller pieces. But if you don’t do it right, the saw can become pinched and be damaged.

Cutting the Ground

If your chain saw comes into contact with the ground even for a brief moment, it will severely dull the teeth.

Leaving the Stump as Is

Doing this is dangerous for kids and pets who might be running around your lawn.

Ensuring Safe Tree Removal

By now, you are well aware how risky removing a tree by yourself can be. But rest assured, as there is a way to mitigate all of these dangers and ensure safe tree removal with zero risks involved. And what might that be you may ask? Well, the answer is pretty simple: just leave it up to tree removal professionals you can trust.

Those last three words are very important however. Because not all arborist services Chevy Chase are equal, and you only want to hire one that knows what it is doing, otherwise there is no point. Make sure to research well before you sign any contracts. Check out reviews, certifications and talk to past clients before you pull the plug. Also make sure to get quotes in advance, and clarify about any hidden charges.

We all know that a lack of sleep can result in a bad mood and a grumpy feeling. These are also some psychological side-effects of insomnia. Those who suffer from such terrible sleep disorders often require help of insomnia doctors for recovery. Well, despite not suffering from insomnia, a big number of people do not get enough sleep every night. By constantly staying sleep deprived, these people end up suffering from a big number of surprising issues.

What are the side-effects of sleep deprivation?

In this article, we discuss the few surprising and lesser known side-effects of sleep deprivation. After knowing these effects, there is no reason for you to stay awake at night till late anymore. In fact, you would yourself want to look after your sleep. These include:


Sleep deprivation is linked with a big number of accidents. Whether they are on the road or in home, the truth is that sleep deprivation reduces one’s ability to concentrate. With that, it also significantly lowers down the reaction time of a person.

This makes sleep deprivation a public hazard, especially when people who are sleep deprived start driving on the roads. According to a number of studies, sleep deprivation has a major link with road accidents due to daytime sleepiness. Furthermore, such people also had a hard time recovering after the accident.

Lack of sleeps makes you dumb

Sleep has a very deep role with learning and thinking. Basically, there are a number of ways in which a lack of sleep can impair your cognition. Apart from impacting your reasoning, concentration, alertness, and problem solving, it makes it increasingly difficult for you to learn new things.

So, in case you are a student or your profession involves constant learning, you better sleep enough and on time. Otherwise, you are bound to face its consequences.

Kills the sex drive

Yet another huge concern is that sleep deprivation can kill one’s sex drive. According to sleep specialists, those women and men who are sleep deprived tend to have lower libidos. The prime factors to blame here include heightened stress, sleepiness, and a lack of general energy.

Furthermore, in men, it can significantly reduce testosterone levels. For instance, according to some studies, those men who suffer from sleep apnea tend to have a very low level of testosterone in body through the night. This may be yet another reason for the loss of libidos.

Heart diseases

Overtime, our heart and circulatory system starts getting weakened down due to increasing amount of stress and an inability to rest. This is because during the sleep, our heart is basically in its resting phase. Otherwise, a loss of sleep will result in a heightened heart rate. Overtime, such abuse of the heart results in heart diseases that manifest slowly. However, they are difficult to deal with, once they start to manifest themselves.

So, we suggest everybody to get at least 8 hours of sleep every night. This is something that the doctors will also recommend you in all cases.


Many studies have been conducted on the impact of sleep deprivation on general health and a person’s psychological condition. So, a loss of sleep will not only impact you physically, but will also be harmful to you psychologically. This is why many people who suffer from insomnia also look for psychological therapy along with it. In case you are suffering from something similar, you should get insomnia treatment Germantown right away. This is because the more you delay, the worse your condition will become. Since this is a matter of your health, take help today!


Area rugs are a great way to introduce depth, design and placement in any room. It is a great substitute for wall to wall carpeting and can be easily removed when you get bored with it or any design comes up. Area rugs have the ability to make or break any room so their importance in any room is very much considerable. However, many of you tend to make mistakes when choosing an area oriental rug. Listed below are the dos and don’ts of area rugs.

Do Know That Size Is Very Important

The first and foremost that you should consider when choosing an area rug is size. An area rug has the tendency to make any room look large or even vice versa. An area rug should not be too big or too small. In any room an area rug should fit the size of the furniture it lies below. For instance, in a dining room, an area rug should be big enough to lie below the whole table and chairs and even should extend to the area where the chairs are pulled.

Some people do not take into account the size of area rug needed when the chairs are pulled. If it is a bedroom then it should cover the area of the whole bed. Small area rugs should never be placed on the sides of the bed or it looks like a mat. For the bedroom, a small area rug should be placed in front of the bed and should cover the love seat.  If the room is not big enough then you can place the area rugs at the foot of the furniture. The criteria for this is that all the major furniture pieces should be on the area rug.

Do Use Patterns and Designs

Apply area rugs with different patterns and designs. Go with dark colors for big rooms and light colors for small rooms as light colors will make a small room appear bigger. Go with mix and matching colors of the same family of colors as used in the furniture. Area rugs are a great way to embed brightness and aesthetic appeal in any room. Going for one single bold color will just make the whole room look boring and it will not be appealing. Also, it is really important to go with the same theme of the room and furniture, for instance choose a contemporary area rug for a vintage room while an abstract one for a modern theme.

Don’t Hide the Attractiveness

One mistake homeowners tend to make when selecting area rugs is that they will buy a beautiful patterned area rug that looks very attractive and then place it in a room where there is a lot of heavy furniture on top of it. The result is that the area rug is hidden. If you buy a beautiful area rug then place smaller pieces of furniture on top of it or place transparent furniture. Choose an area rug with beautiful borders for furniture where only the borders will be visible.

Do Leave Adequate Space

Leave an equal amount of space surrounding the area rug. The area rug should be ideally placed in the center of the room to appeal to the eye and make the room look proportionate. Throwing the area rugs on the sides will make it look like mats and not leaving equal space on the sides will make the room appear disproportionate.

Do Cover the High Traffic Areas

In rooms where the foot traffic is high such as the dining room, lounge, and drawing room, make sure the area rugs cover the space for walking or it completely shouldn’t. One foot on the rug while the other on the floor is not a good idea and does not make proper use of an area rug. Or the walking area should be completely bare of the rug or both the feet should be on the rug while walking.

So next time when you go out to buy wholesale oriental rugs Northern VA, consider the above tips to select the best rug for your home/room and then decorate it in a way which improves the appearance of the whole room.