A stone walkway does wonders to your home in terms of visual appeal. Not only does it attract the attention of the visitors but also provides a path that leads to your garden or other special areas of the house. There are different ways of laying a stone walkway but the basics remain more or less the same. You can get a patio contractor to work on it or learn how you can lay a stone walkway yourself with the below steps.

Choose The Stone

The first thing you need to do is choose the stone. You might think this is an easy step but considering the variety of stones out there, you might have a tough time choosing one. There is no universal rule as to what you should choose, it all depends on your personal preferences and needs. However, most walkways are made using flagstone, which usually describes the shape of the stone. Furthermore, you should choose a stone for your walkway that is available locally as well to reduce the overall costs of production and delivery.

At the same time, you should choose a type and color that will last for years to come. If you live in a region that experiences snowfall, rains, and other extreme weather conditions, you will need to consider such external factors as some types can easily crack or become damaged under pressure.

Layout The Walkway

Once you have decided on the stone, the next step is laying out the walkway. This is the most important step of the process, so you need to make sure that you are patient and put a bit of time and effort into making sure everything is perfect. Laying out a walkway mostly includes measuring the dimensions and planning the design of the walkway. If the walkway is going to receive regular human traffic, you need to make sure it is wide enough for two people to walk on at a time.

Moreover, to mark the path, you can use different items like strings or garden hoses. The dimensions of the walkway will depend on the path as well as the area where it will be leading to. Therefore, if the path leads to a swimming pool or a sitting area, you will need to make sure there is enough space for people to pass by comfortably.

Excavate The Path

Now that you are done with laying out the walkway, it is time to excavate the path. Then again, you will need to put time and effort into the process as this lays down the foundation of the process. Use a sharp blade or a machine to cut through the grass, making sure the edges are cleared too. Manually pick the leftovers and dig 5-inches into the ground to create a flat, smooth base. Keep in mind that the depth will depend on the type of stone you are using. To ensure a flat surface, tamp the soil firmly using your hands or walk repeatedly over it.

Install Edging

Although installing edges is optional but it is suggested to install the materials so that water, small creatures, mud, etc. are kept away from the path. You will need to install edging materials on both sides of the path. Depending on your preference, you can choose between plastic brick paver edging, galvanized metal, or pressure-treated wood timbers. These edging materials will also help keep the stones in place.

Apply Landscape Fabric

Now is the turn to apply landscape fabric over the soil. Try using a continuous piece of fabric. If the situation is such that you will need to use multiple pieces, overlap the edges by at least 12 inches. Then, use a sharp knife to trim the fabric along the sides of the path and secure the fabric over the oil using fabric staples.

Install The Stones

After laying down the landscape fabric, add a two-inch sand layer over the landscape fabric. Smooth the sand using a flat tool or board. Next, lay down the stones to ensure a perfect fit. Begin placing stones, and fitting them together. Decide if you wish to leave gaps in between. If there are gaps, make sure you fill them with gravel or sand. Next, position each stone at the level of the surrounding stones. You will need to remove or add sand to raise or lower the stones.

Finally, after the stones are installed, use a broom to spread the gravel or sand and spray the walkway with water. This will help the sand or gravel settle into the gaps.

Final Words

Laying down a stone walkway is not that difficult. Simply follow the steps mentioned above and create the walkway of your dreams in a matter of days or hire backyard patio builders Long Island.

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