If you are looking for countertop replacement, then you might get confused by the variety of options available. One of those many options includes sandstone. Here is everything you need to know about sandstone and how this material makes for a good kitchen countertop.

It Is A Porous Material

As much as sandstone is a great material, it does require a lot of maintenance. It is a naturally porous material. Any material or stone which is porous needs to be sealed. One of the biggest drawbacks of sandstone is that it needs to be sealed periodically. Sealing these countertops once is not enough. It needs to be sealed every 5 to 6 months because it is that porous and if the sealant starts to wear off, it will absorb water very quickly. Maintaining this stone can be a hassle for a lot of people.

It Needs Regular Maintenance

Since sandstone is a porous material, it needs regular maintenance and cleaning. Unlike most countertops which require yearly or bi-annual maintenance, sandstone countertops need to be maintained every couple of months, otherwise, the stone will get damaged and it will be rendered useless.

Polishing and waxing these countertops are necessary because it adds a nice glossy finish to the material and it makes the stone look extremely beautiful. Its maintenance is definitely a stretch, but it does bring forth great results in the end. Polishing and sanding need to be done every 5 to 7 months, in order to prevent it from looking dull.

They Have A Beautiful Look

Sandstone, even though it is a maintenance-heavy material, has a beautiful look to it. It is a very ethereal stone and it complements the rest of the interior of the kitchen. The look of sandstone is warm and cozy and it also has a rough texture, which is unlike any other stone.

The textured and slightly shimmery surface of sandstone looks very beautiful against different lights and it illuminates the entire kitchen. It is a great material if you are looking for something which is durable, but beautiful at the same time.

It Gives A Wood Like Appearance

If you want to make your countertops appear like wood, but don’t want to spend the money on it, then sandstone countertops are the best option for you. This material has a striking similarity to wood and although they are two completely different materials, the look from afar is very similar to wooden countertops. There are grooves and circular designs on the surface of these countertops which make it look similar to wooden countertops. It is also a lot more durable than wood. It’s not as strong as granite or quartz, but it is quite up there on the strength scale.

Sanding For A Glossy Finish

Some people like the textured look of sandstone, but if you want a more smooth finish to your countertops, then you can sand them down. This process will give you smooth and glossy-looking countertops and it will add to the appeal of sandstone countertops. You can easily do it by yourself because sandstone is a relatively soft stone yet durable material or you can have it done by someone else.

You want to smooth out the rough and bumpy texture of sandstone, to reveal the smooth and shiny surface beneath it. You will love the look of this sanded and smooth countertop.

Looks Warm And Cozy

If you look at pictures of sandstone countertops, then you will see it clear as day, that these countertops add a cozy element to the kitchen. These countertops are very warm in color and they add a beautiful and rustic look to your kitchen. It gives a rustic impression to the kitchen and if that’s what you’re going for, then this material is perfect for your kitchen. Some people, however, don’t enjoy the warm and yellow tones of sandstone, in that case, you can certainly choose another material that is not as warm-toned.


There you have it! Sandstone is a great material if you are looking for something durable, but not as expensive as other natural stones. Get in contact with a granite company NC that shows you different designs of sandstone and other countertop materials to make your decision easier.

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