If you want more hair volume but don’t know where to start, then micro ring hair extensions are the ones to go for. The best way is to get them from salons that do hair extensions. Here is a step by step guide on how to effortlessly get these extensions in your hair.

Sectioning Your Hair Is Key

First and foremost, you need to master the sectioning art of extensions. Your extensions should be invisible to anyone who looks at your hair, this is why sectioning your hair is super important. Try to practice this for a long time before you get on with adding extensions in your hair.

The first thing you need to do is to divide all of your hair in 2 equal sections, starting from your ear to the nape of your neck. This will be a perfect hiding place for your extensions and your length will also be blended in perfectly.

Tie off the top section of hair at the crown of your hair and work on the section following your neck. This is where the extensions will be installed and clamped. You need to master this art before going forward, otherwise it will be a tangled mess of your tresses. Try to be patient in this process and keep on practicing this technique until you master it. This will help you a lot during the time when you actually put on your extensions.

Detangle Your Hair

The next part is crucial too. You need to brush your hair after sectioning it. During sectioning, your hair will be maneuvered and manipulated in many directions and if you brush them before sectioning, it will be tangled again. So, make sure that you are thoroughly brushing your hair after the sections have been made. This will allow a smooth surface on your hair shaft and your extensions will blend in easily too.

Use a narrow bristle brush and take out all of the knots and kinks in your hair. This will make the next step much easier for you.

Putting On The Extensions

Now comes the part where you actually put on the extension. The extension comes with a loop and a clamp and you have to loop a thin section around the circular knob and hide it under your thin hair section. Try to grab a section which is equal in diameter of the loop. This will not make the extension obvious and it will lay flat against your hair and scalp.

After you have looped around the extension, you need to make sure that the loop is resting at some distance from your scalp. This will ensure that there are no bumps in the hair when you smooth the extensions down.

Clamping Them Down

Now comes the part where you have to secure these extensions. You will need to use a small pair of pliers to maneuver the clamp parallel to your scalp.

Once that is done, you can close the pliers and clamp the extension in place, apply minimal pressure so that you don’t break or rip any hair from your scalp, but make sure that the extension is snug and tight around the loop. You can use a two way mirror for better access or you can have someone else do it for you.

Hiding The Seams Of Your Extensions

One of the things which will hide the seam of your extensions is the sectioning. Another thing is where you position the loop. The loop needs to be a little over half an inch away from your scalp. You can’t have the loop sticking to your scalp, because this will cause the loop to rise up all the time and it will poke out of your hair sections, making it look very obvious and not well hidden. Also, keeping the sections straight and the loops in line will help to keep the extensions almost unnoticeable, even when you tie your hair up.

There you have it! Now you know how to use these extensions in your hair without having to go to a hair extensions salon Potomac. It’s all about time and a little bit of patience and you will eventually get there.

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