It is really hard to start a business online. But what is even harder is to promote it and try to get as much reviews for it as you can. The more reviews you get, the better will be for your business promotion. With that, a decent review generation software will do wonders for your business.

However, sometimes it can feel almost impossible to get as many reviews as the big business. But it is very much possible. All those big businesses started out small too. The only reason they are where they are today is because they had a strategy to get more reviews. And today, we are about to reveal that strategy to you. It will take time, patience and hard work, but you will get there.

Secrets to getting more online reviews

Here are the secrets to get more online reviews for your business.

Ask people to leave a good review

This may sound desperate to you at first, but it is not. Asking people to leave a good review is completely normal. Do not go around asking every single person you come across. That is not the aim at all here. The point is to ask your customers to leave a good review. People who have had some sort of an experience with your business are more than happy to leave a review for you.

You can not only remind your customers in person, but you can all also send them little reminders that do not annoy them. These reminders could be on your business card or at the bottom of the receipt. This is an extremely polite way of asking your customers to leave a review without getting on their nerves. This way, you are also doing good marketing of your business offline and hence, generating more customers.

Reply to every review you get, including bad ones

Your customers need to know you are there for them and paying attention to what they have to say. This includes bad reviews too. And you can only do that by engaging and interacting with them. One easy and great way to interact with your customers is to reply to all of their reviews.

Leave a heartfelt yet professional thank you reply under all the good reviews. However, good reviews are easy to deal with. The trouble comes with the bad reviews. The trouble is not that people left a bad review, that is inevitable. The problem arises with how you deal with it. Getting defensive will make your customers dislike you. Instead, what you have to do is reply in a calm and apologetic manner and sort out their problem. Moreover, ask people how you can improve your business, engagement etc. and consider their suggestions.

Pay attention to your customer service

People give good reviews when they like the business and the customer service. You need to pay special attention to customer service. If your customer service is bad, nothing will make your customers like you. Their direct experience with your business is in terms of the services you provide. This includes both the product/service you are giving and the customer service.

You can improve your customer service by sending your customers a personalized or handwritten thank you note with their order and by answering politely to all their concerns while shopping. Respond to their issues in a similar way, by apologizing and perhaps giving them a small gift or a discount to make up for their bad experience.


These are only few of the tips you can follow to increase online reviews for your business. However, these tips are extremely important. If you notice all the rapidly growing small business around you, they are all following these tips. With that, do not forget to use customer review software to enhance the review management process. This will save you plenty of time and resources.




Getting new customer is important for every business. Many companies face this problem when they fail to get more customers to boost their sales. We have created this guide for the companies. Our focus will be on how reviews can bring you more customers and why reviews are important for a business.

Why Customer Reviews Are Valuable for a Business?

Here below are some statistics and facts that prove why reviews are valuable for a business and why use of best review management software is important. You should use an online review generator for customer reviews and to manage them.

  1. 68% Millennials trust online customer reviews when it comes to buying anything.
  2. Studies proved that reviews on a website can improve business sales up to 18%.
  3. There are 133% higher conversion rate chances if users manage to view and read natural customer reviews.
  4. Customer reviews are 12 times more trusted than product descriptions by the manufacturers.
  5. Experts believe negative reviews can also improve your sales as they create buzz about the brand and more people know about it.
  6. When it comes to Google SERP ranking, customer reviews contribute to 10%.
  7. 50 or more reviews means a product has 5% more chances to get sold.
  8. For every star in reviews, there is 5-9% increase in the sales.
  9. 72% customer revealed positive reviews make them trust a business or brand.
  10. 22% people will not buy a product after reading just one negative review about it.
  11. 86% people hesitate to purchase from a brand that has negative online reviews.

How Reviews Can Get Your New Customers?

  1. Social Purchases

Getting customer reviews is not difficult and you can use the best review management software for your business. The customer reviews are really helpful to improve social sales and get more customers. The reviews on social pages are reviewed by the users and they decide on the basis of reviews to buy products. Every business should get more reviews on social sites in order to get more customers.

  1. Make Business More Visible

The customer reviews give the business more visibility across different platforms – an online review generator can do it for you. If we talk about social media, the reviews are shared by other people. If there is something unique and amazing about the products or business, it receives more response from the potential audience and the brand becomes viral instantly. Even the negative reviews help improve sales as they get more people talk about the brand.

  1. Make Brands Trustworthy

We shared the stats in the first section where users revealed the positive reviews make them think the brand is reliable and trustworthy. The trust of potential customers increases with a brand and they are more likely to buy their products. Apart from that, the brands manage to become more popular as trusted brands and more people love to buy their products or get services.

  1. Increase Business Conversation

Twitter shows when people are talking about a story or news. The same goes with customer reviews as they make people talk about a business. Think of the competitive edge an online review generator can give you in this scenario. The customers and people even refer to a reliable and quality brand when they deal with their competitors. For example, when a user buys something online and asks about price, and other details- they do refer another brand if there is price difference.

  1. Impact on Sales

With positive reviews, the companies can boost their sales up to 18% whereas a single negative review costs a business 30 customers. These stats speak louder about the significance of the customer reviews. Every business should invest and focus more on the customer reviews.

More Ways to Get More Customers

We learned how reviews can help a brand get more customers. Now we will talk about some other ways that are really helpful when it comes to getting more customers.

  1. Build relationships with the customer if you want to retain them and get more customers.
  2. The businesses should use the customers to get them customers. There should customer referral groups to bring new potential clients.
  3. The network expansion is inevitable for every business if it is serious about getting new customers.
  4. Relevant events should be held to gather audience and spread the word.
  5. There must be calls to action features on a business website that can engage the customers.
  6. Free trials, bonuses, incentives and promotions are the best options to increase customer base.
  7. Use of review management companies as it aids in taking and managing customer feedback.