Commercial refrigerators are designed to store multiple food items at a particular temperature. These units work throughout the day to ensure each meal is delivered fresh. However, sometimes, due to several reasons, commercial refrigerators find it hard to keep up with the required temperature. But do you need commercial refrigerators repairs? Let’s take a look at the potential problems along with the fixes.

Dirty Condenser Coils

Condenser coils are designed to cool the refrigerant, which means they are an important component of a refrigerator. Since commercial kitchens have to bear the brunt of dirt, debris, grease, oil, and other external factors, it is highly likely that the condenser coils are blocked or fully covered.

As a result, the condenser coils turn hot and are not able to perform at their maximum. If neglected, the problem might even cause food spoilage. This is why experts suggest that owners opt for a thorough annual inspection and maintenance to free the condenser coils and other important components from harmful accumulation.

Faulty Doors

Refrigerators come with seals and gaskets that prevent outside air from entering inside. As you close the door, the seals form a tight grip ensuring that the inside air does not escape. Since the seals and gaskets are mostly made of plastic, they are bound to crack or become damaged with time.

In fact, every manufacturer recommends a replacement schedule to ensure the unit keeps running smoothly. Therefore, if you own a relatively old commercial refrigerator and notice the doors are not closing properly, you might want to inspect the seals and gaskets for any cracks or damage.

As a result, it will not only affect the functioning of the doors but also drop the inside temperature, which can ultimately spoil the food and cause thousands of dollars worth of unnecessary expenses.

Faulty Thermostat

A faulty thermostat might also be the cause behind a commercial refrigerator not cooling properly. If the refrigerator’s thermostat is faulty, it will trick the unit into thinking it is either over or under cooling. Therefore, try replacing the batteries of the thermostat.

If that does not solve the issue, it might be that the thermostat needs calibration. In this case, you will be needing the help of an expert. Although it is rare for thermostats to malfunction, age can be a prime factor.

Compressor Failure

The compressor is one of the most rigid and tough components inside a commercial refrigerator. They are designed to last for years if taken care of. It is a vital component of a refrigerator that helps the unit maintain its temperature.

It makes use of the refrigerant inside to cool the air and will fail to do so if it turns faulty. If you notice that your unit is not cooling or keeping up with the desired temperature, you might want to check the refrigerant level first. If the refrigerant level is low, the compressor will work harder to compensate for the loss of power. Ignoring the situation can permanently damage the compressor, which will need to be replaced.

Poor Maintenance

Even if there is nothing wrong with your commercial refrigerator, poor maintenance can lead to poor performance. Commercial refrigerators, like other kitchen appliances, need regular maintenance. And since these machines work throughout the day, normal wear and tear is expected.

This is why manufacturers recommend scheduling an expert inspection and maintenance at least once every two months or a year depending on the usage frequency. This ensures that the refrigerator keeps working smoothly and any potential problems can be fixed beforehand.

Needs A Replacement

Finally, if you have gone through all the reasons and still find that your refrigerator is struggling to keep up with the temperature, you simply need a replacement. The average lifespan of a commercial refrigerator is 10 to 15 years or more depending on the maintenance. Once the unit crosses its limit, it will start developing problems. Therefore, instead of wasting money on expensive replacements, it is better to opt for a replacement.

Final Word

Fixing a commercial refrigerator that is not cooling can be both easy and complicated. However, it is your job as an owner to make sure it is properly maintained and inspected regularly. And always hire certified commercial refrigerator services Alexandria to keep the business running as effortlessly as possible.

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